1st IUI failure
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wannabemom - October 17

OK..so my 1st IUI was on Oct. 7th...had my blood work done today to see if I am pregnant..They called me at work to tell me that it did not work. I cried. I work with all guys, so I was equally embarressed by running out of my office. I feel like such a friggin failure..now, to go through all the meds and testing. I just hope I am strong enough. I feel like a loser...but shit....There is a reason for everything, I guess.

...why didn't it work!?! >:(


liz - October 17

I am so sorry to hear of your neg test result.

Your feelings of failure I think are normal, however they are unjust. You ARE NOT a failure in anyway. I know right now this is the way you feel but please try not to be to hard on yourself. I am saying this out of experience. Each month we tried and I would get a neg I would cry to my husband how I was a failure because I could't achieve pregnancy.

All I can suggest to you is what I did each time I did not get the results I wanted. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and press forward having faith that in time you will achieve your dream.

As for why it didn't work, well that is one we will never know. Human life is a miracle, there are so many things that need to be just right to achieve a pregnancy, it is so easy for just 1 thing to be out of whack and then we get our disappointments. It is hard not having answers but we will never know. While ttc I always tried to look forward to the next month, prayed and kept my faith that what is meant to be will be.

I don't know if this helped at all. I wanted you to know you are never alone in this journey. We have all been through what you are going through in one way or another.

Best of luck to you


Ginna - October 27

Hi!! I'm really sorry for what happened to you , I'm having the same problem and had my 2 iui, and to be honest I'm so worry that this one dosen't work out again... ???


wannabemom - October 27

okay, so to get over the 1st neg. result I went out and bought myself a nip of amaretto. Not the brightest thing to do, but I said f... it..now, I'm past that. I started giving myself the fsh shots, I'm not sure, but I think its called gonal. It comes in a pen type of needle. At first I was like....ouch..I can't do it. Then I realized if I don't, then I minus well give up. I have been going to my blood work and ultrasound, another one tomorrow, and I just pray that this IUI will work. The one thing that got me pissed, was that the doctors office never explained that I was supposed to give myself the shots at night, so I have been doing it in the morning. I don't know if thats going to make a difference in the long run or not. It just kills me that I may have jepordized this cycle at not having the right directions. NOW, I know. Its very frustrating having to wake and travel to be at the office by 6am. I want it so bad, I can barely breathe.


QBB - November 2

I just got my period after my 2nd IUI today. I was devastated since eveythign was looking ood. My pegersteraonelevesl were right, I had 3 follicles that were over 18, my DH had super sperm ocunts (135 million and 94% motility). So what happened :'(. I start my 3 rd cycle on Saturday.



BekyVice - November 9

I tried IUI 3 times... but it was because my husband's motility was almost nill. Good sperm count, but all they wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch ESPN, apparently. So, my question to you is why IUI if your husband's sperm count/motility is so good? That seems like a waste of time, and strange that they would suggest that to you since all IUI is doing is putting the sperm where your husbands' can already go.


QBB - November 10

The told us that with unexplained infertility IUI was a good option. So we tried that. We were both checked out and were both fine except i had a fibroid which was removed and I am old and fat. other than that we are fine.



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