What is a good Estradiol level?
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LisainAK - May 19

Hey ladies....can anyone answer the question?

I did Luron for two weeks and just started my stims on Monday night. I had my estradiol level checked today and it was 150. Doc said it was ok but to lower my Gonal F to 225.....just wondering what the ideal numbers are.


Fortyfour - May 19

Lisainak - Sorry but I cant help you here. I hope someone has the answer for you.


meridithhasfaith - May 19


I don't know the specifics but I know estradiol in a stimmed cycle is used as a guide to how many follicles are maturing, etc. I am not sure but I thought about 200 per follicle was optimal. (good question for the doc upstairs ^ ) If you are at 150 after only 2 days, maybe it's a little too high and he wants to slow you down a little and stim more gradually.

Good luck!


laura - May 23

Hi Lisa,
This is all I can tell you. They estimate your E level according to how many follicals you have. They wont it to go steadly up, but not too fast. The best stim time is 10 to 12 days. They don't wont you to go over 5000 becase you have an icrease risk of OHSS. They don't wont you to go over 6000 becase this will damage the eggs. When your E peaks then sligtly drops, if its not too early(<9 days) they will triggor you. Then Its on to retreval. I hope you do better then I Did this cycle.

baby dust laura


Isobel_starr - August 3

I am on day 11 of stims with a estradiol of 4000. They're pulling me off meds and it's back into the office for the 5th day in a row tomorrow (1 hour drive each way. Woo hoo!) They're worried that my estradiol will continue to climb and risk OHSS. Anyone else having this issue?


liz - August 3

Hi Isobel -

Welcome to the site.

Are you doing IVF for this cycle?



Isobel_starr - August 3

I'm actually the donor! This is my second round, last one was in February. My last round was a total breeze. This one, my follicles are being difficult, and now the estradiol level is climbing a bit too high. Yikes! I've been in for blood tests and US every day this week. I told the phlebotomist I was going to start charging by the vial :)


liz - August 3

You are a wonderful women to be a donor. Because of people like you others are able to have a chance at becoming parents.
I am not sure how that works when you are the donor. I have not done IVF, only at ovulation stimulation. I currently am in a cylce that I was on Repronex.
How many follicles do you have right now and how big are they? I am not sure how many they are looking to retrieve, what I do know (you probably do to) is that they like to see your Estrodiol at 200 per mature. My numbers on Repronex are a lot lower then yours but that could have to do with the number of follicles. On day 11 mine was 559 with 2 follicles at 17 and 1 at 15 and then a couple of smaller ones.
I don't know if I am helping you out or not, I hope so.


Isobel_starr - August 3

Thanks! I've probably got about 20 at different stages of maturity.. I was 21 last round. I know one is 18mm and one is borderline 18mm, so according to the protocol for the clinic, I should be ready (They require 2 at 18mm) but the estradiol is high for some reason hence the OHSS concern. My clinic is cagey about telling you what your follicle count and size is, because I guess they've had a few instances of patients making their own decisions on meds. Yikes! Trust the experts, I say.

I was on Repronex last time, but asked for something else because it burned SO BADLY at injection! They put me on Menopur and now I'm wondering if I should have just kept my trap shut ha ha! I wasn't so sore and tender last time. My IM had a horrible time suppressing though. We had 3 false starts before we got going, but she's pregnant, so all's well that ends well! Have a good night!


liz - August 4

I am sorry you are having a rough time this round. That is a bummer. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some good news for you tommorrow. Maybe it is just a matter of slowing those little ones down.

I have a little discomfort with the Repronex but not unbearable. My last shot was last Tues. and the tenderness was gone by the weekend. So, I guess that is pretty good. I believe if I am not mistaken that Metapur is very similiar to Repronex just manufactured differently.

I am so happy to hear you had such a postive response last time. That is great news. You are correct all's well ends well.

Good luck tomorrow, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.




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