Tell me about your IVF experience....
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LisainAK - April 4

Hello all. I am gearing up to do a IVF with ISCI in May and want to hear your personal experiences (the stuff they don't tell you about). I have so many questions - do you start meds before your day 1 of cycle? Are you tired, moody, bloated, in pain, weight gain, breakouts, constipated, tired? Are the taking of the meds awful...and any other info you can offer. Thanks in advance!


LisainAK - April 5

Thanks for the info Elizabeth...glad yours is going smoothly. How were the shots? Where do you inject? Do you start taking meds before your cycle starts? Any bloating or discomfort yet?

Enjoy your wine and baby dust to you - keep us posted!!!


Fortyfour - April 6

Lisainak. It is very interesting this donor process. Yes we use my hubbies sperm. At 52 he is a stud. HA! He had plenty of sperm, 90% normal and everthing elsw was normal. Nice to have after problems with the first.

The agencies have pictures and short histories of all the women. When you find a few you like you pay to get a long history on each women. I am trying to get one with my nationality, one who is athletic and is creative. Also am picking one who has dontated before with a positive pregnancy result. We also are looking for one in her early 20's. It has become fun to do this so I know I am feeling better.

Take girl. I think of you often.


ElizabethS - April 6

I give my shots in my stomach. I am just doing skin shots, and they really don't hurt that much. The repronex burns a bit going in, but the shots are easier than I expected. I think I will start what I call "the giant butt shots" on Saturday. I do have some apprehension about those. :o

I started my shots on the first day of my period. No bloating, but I know that is a side effect.

Good luck and baby dust to you. Keep us posted on your progress.


karriearm - April 19

I felt great on the shots, no mood swings, headaches...a little bit of bloating, but you want that, it means your follicles are growing. After retreival, I didn't feel so hot, they got 30 eggs and I was a bit overstimulated, but it is livable. It is such a short time in your life of being a bit "abnormal", but if you get pregnant it is all worth it!
I am taking my first home test this Saturday, just had my transfer moment at a time!

The best advice I can give is just to take it one moment at a time. Don't worry about what tomorrow will bring.

Pray that baby in!


paige - April 21

Hi I went through two fresh cycles and took almost all the drugs. The lupron just plain sucks it feels like pms. I went to school for nutrition so I found a way to try to counter act the side effects. I take in b vitamins three times a day calcium, and most important one to two tablespoons of flaxseed oil cold pressed which you can get at any nutritionstore. It controls all your hormones. It is all your essential fatty acids you know like eating fish same thing but more potent. Going through gonal f and repronex and all the rest I did gain a little wieght because you want to eat more! You do get moody and sensitive and my chest grew a half a size but then so did my wight. I think the tuffest part was right before retrieval because of all the eggs it feels like they are going to fall out your so bloated. I hope I'm not scaring you I didn't have the greates expierence the first two time but my frozen cycle is wonderful. I have learned how to control stress and the moods which is a major factor. Let me know if any of this helps you. Good luck PAIGE


firsttimer - April 24

hello, this is my first time on this website. I am going to be doing IVF in July and I am really nervous. I don't have anyone to talk to. No one understands.


ElizabethS - April 25

welcome firsttimer! This website is a great source of comfort, knowledge and support. I wish you the best in your IVF experience.


Fortyfour - April 25

Firstimer, Keep in touch with us and we will help you through. It is so nerve wracking. I hardly slept the month before my first iVF because I had so many unanswered questions. Talk to us and many we can reduce your anxieties. Take care and baby dust to you.


WantsBaby2 - April 25

Good luck firsttimer! You will be so happy you found this site!



laura - April 28

lisainak- I have had my first IVF in March. I did not have any problems with the meds. Luperon, follistem, microdose HCG were all SQ and did not hurt. The progersteron IM stung a lot and mayed my leg sore. otherwise I was OK. They transfered 5 embryo's at day 3. Only 2 were 8 cell graded 2 &3. I am currenlly starting my second IVF cycle. They start my luperon on CD21 (April 25). They think I will start Follistem on May 6 (CD3?). Will we be cycle buddies?

Fortyfour- Becase of my age I have been looking into a donor egg. I am worried about cost and how the hole thing works. My insurance will not help with donor egggs but will with my own eggs. you give me isperation!!

babydust laura


Fortyfour - May 3

Hi Laura, Good luck with this. Donors are expensive if you use an agency, but if you use an agency you can find one that has donated before and has had a positive pg with the donation. My first donor was private and did not have any stat to work with. I wish now I had gone through an agency first. Take care. I wish I had a money tree in the back yard. Insurance pays for nothing during this journey.


Giellaw - May 4

Hello--I am starting my first IVF cycle in June and just wanted to hear from some of you how you dealt with things. This whole process seems so strange--very sterile and impersonal. I try not to think about it too much because if I do, I can't sleep and it seems to take over my thought process. I guess it's just going through something so unfamiliar that I don't know what to expect. Did anyone else feel this way? What can I expect as far as side effects of meds, pain with egg retrieval, etc.? Machelle


LisainAK - May 5

Machelle - this is my first IVF too - it does seem a little impersonal - but the again so did the IUI - the nice part is this time in between where there is no pressure to have sex at a specific time etc - DH and I are enjoying a month of juyst being us. I have found comfort in getting all the info i could and tuning in on a regular basis to thsi boar and reading the other women's tales and asking questions, whining or venting - these gals are great!!! Lean on us and we'll all get through!!! Good luck to you - when do you start your meds???



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