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Trying in NH - November 5

Hi All,

I am still here playing the waiting game. I too have found it very hard to do more then lurk these past few months. Very excited for the girls downstairs but becoming very negative with this whole process . After 7 unsucessful IUI's we are now starting all the prep for IVF. My question is I have a sono HSG on Monday afternoon and they say it is nothing like the regular HSG but I am not going to believe THAT one until it is over and I am off the table. Anyone have one and what was your take on it.

Thanks in advance.


Fortyfour - November 5

I dont know what they mean by sono hysto. It seems that they would still have to put the dye into the uterus and through the tubes. ( thats what causes the cramping and pain) Do they check on the dye flow by ultrasound then? Not xray? Very curious. Let us know what it was and how it went. Darcie


TTC2long - November 5

I've done 3 Sono's. I actually did my 3rd yesterday. I didn't find it painful, just uncomfortable. I did have some minor cramping when the RE put the saline solution through the cathetar into my uterus and tubes. He needed extra cc's and I felt it. My first 2 were painless. Just remember to take your advil a hour before the procedure and you should be fine. I've never had a HSG so I can't compare. I did my first with my initial testing and then my last two before each IVF. My second IVF is in December.

The procedure is done with a saline solution and u/s machine.

Good luck,


Fortyfour - November 5

Thanks - it sounds like the difference is with the hsyto they use dye and an xray machine and with the sono the use saline and an ultrasound.


Trying in NH - November 8


Yes, they inject saline soulution in and watch with an ultra-sound to check the lining of your uterus. I am happy to report that it was NOTHING!!! like a HSG. Didn't even feel much of anything, it was sort of like an IUI with u/s. Everything looks fine so now we will go back to the Dr. and see when we can start the IVF process. Nervous but hopefull.



Fortyfour - November 8

Good luck with your treatment. It is nerve wracking.


megahurls - November 9

Reading this thread is topical for me right now. Just got back my BFN result from our second IUI and I am SOOOO depressed. I'm at work and just want to cry me eyes out. :( :(

DH has male factors and we are in the process of deciding whether to do another IUI or to go straight to IVF. The one thing that is pushing me toward IUI again (despite the lower chances of success) is that I don't want to take the month off to prepare for the IVF. Is this a common requirement beofre the first IVF? Do you have to take a break between each IVF? What else in involved in preparing for an IVF? I see a sono HSG will be needed? How have any of you made this difficult decision???

Thanks for listening and responding.


Trying in NH - November 10

Thanks 44

Megs, I know how you feel about waiting inbetween cycles. We had to take a month off due to cycts , now this month off for IVF testing, then I do believe they have you go on the pill for a month. So we will have to wait until probably close to Jan for us to actually begin the cycle. It is very hard to have to wait and basically be on hold for 3 month but with a 50% chance of success with IVF and 14-17% with IUI I feel it is worth the wait. We have been trying for 16 months, 12 months with meds off and on. We are also expericencing secondary infertility but we had trouble conceiving him as well. Good luck on your journey



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