okay I gave in
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jenno - April 24

I'm so weak!!:) I am 6dp FET and on day 25 of my cycle. Yesterday I was cleaning and noticed that I had one more hpt in the cupboard. It had an expiration date of Jan. 2004. Buuuuut, I gave in and used it this morning and got a negative result. I don't know if it is too early or if the expiration date means that it really wouldn't still work. I am still having a lot of pressure and intermittent bloating and very mild cramping on and off. No spotting or anything yet. At least maybe I can prepare myself for what my blood test will probably tell me on Tuesday. Do you folks think there is any hope? Thanks in advance for your responses. You are all so helpful. I have been going through this for eight years and have been off the board for awhile. I had forgotten how much difference moral support makes!!


Fortyfour - April 24

Jenno, Oh you crazy girl. Too early to test for sure. Check again on day 9. I know how you feel though. After my first IVF i bought 5 tests and started checking 5 days before the blood test was due. No positive until day 13 and I was pg. Good luck girl and let us know what happens. Baby dust to you.


paige - April 25

Hey Jenno this is so hard waiting to take our tests but iI think we should all wait and not drive ourselves crazy. I am so impatient but I know if I tested earlier and it came out wrong your setting yourself up for a depression. I really wish you the best and hope through all you've been through it works! Don't worry stay patient and positive.


ElizabethS - April 25

Jenno - I did the same thing and got a negative. I was depressed the whole day, and it turns out that you and I tested WAY too early. A ++++ hpt won't show up until day 13-14 after transfer.

The good news is that when I had my bloodwork done on Saturday, we got a ++++++

Hang in there.....the waiting is sooooo difficult


paige - April 25

Elizabeth, That is so wonderful for you. Congratulations I hope everything keeps going you way. I hope we all someday get a ttt



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