Not many Follies
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Tylerb - April 19

I had a scan today and they only found 6 follicles they are upping my stimms(menopur)and reducing my bursulin,does anyone know if people have acheived pregnancy when not many eggs are retrieved


ElizabethS - April 19

I only have one ovary, and they were able to retrieve 10 eggs. luckily all of them fertilized and three were transfered in last Thursday. (in great condition)

Have you considered ICSI - our Dr. recommended this due to the lower amount of eggs? It increases the odds of fertilization.

I know the pressure of feeling like you have a limited number of resources, but I am very optimistic that a pregnancy is achievable for you and me.


justme - April 20

My neighbor only retrieved 3 eggs on her first IVF. The RE suggested not going through with the IVF since there were so few, but they decided to go for it and got prego with twins who are now 2 years old.

It can happen for you too!!!!!



WantsBaby2 - April 20

Try not to lose hope. 6 follies is not such a bad amount. I know it feels like nothing is ever going well for us but I do believe too that anything is possible. I wish you lots of baby dust. We would all make such wonderful mothers!

Just me,
Thanks for your story. I don't stimulate well either and your story gives me lots of hope! Thank you so much for sharing. How are things going for you lately? I hope you are doing well.



Tylerb - April 20

Thanks for your replies,I don't feel too bad know but just feel mad when they started investigations they said it was just dh's problem of low sperm count so we thought at least I am fertile(all my blood test were v.good)but then when we started treatment it turns out I have endomitriosis,I have had hardly any side affects on meds I just wonder if they gave me enough


WantsBaby2 - April 20

Is this your first IVF attempt? If it is then just know that sometimes it takes a first cycle for them to get your protocol right. I know it is really frustrating. The doctors don't want to just give you major doses of stims if they don't know how you react to them. You can hyperstimulate and that can be very serious. Try to hang in there. It's more about the quality of eggs than the quantity. Don't lose hope. I am sure everything will be ok. Keep us posted Tylerb. We are rooting for you!



Tylerb - April 21

Thank you so much for your kind replies,I feel a lot better know even though it looks like ther is only 4 possible eggs,I am doing something called egg share and I might just donate these eggs and start another cycle straight away and this time keep all the eggs myself(Itis a way to fund IVF)
I am also doing ICSI apparently according to all my blood test I am normal(whats that)but it turns out I have mild endo even though specialist said it would not affect fertility,I think I need more stimms and less bursulein I had no side affects at all


meridithhasfaith - April 21

Hi Tylerb

I just had to say that I too had very few eggs. I ended up with only 5 at the age of 29. Only 2 fertilized and they transfered them both on day 3. They were only a 3-cell and a 4-cell at that time and were called "very poor quality" They may have *looked* that way but you can ask my 7 yr old son if he is poor quality. lol

Just saying, it can happen despite what things may look like sometimes. Don't give up hope!



Tylerb - April 24

I had ec yesterday and and they collected 4 eggs 3 have fertilised and I have et on tuesday,I know I was down before but I am verry happy and positive now


cassandra - April 24

Tylerb, I am glad to hear everything went well and you have fertilization! Good luck with the transfer! cassandra


WantsBaby2 - April 24

Great news Tylerb!
How wonderful! Three is a great number! Good luck on Tuesday! I will say a little prayer for you that everything goes well. Keep us informed and be sure to pass the time with us during your dreaded 2ww. Take care and try to relax.



Fortyfour - April 24

Fantasit new Tylerb. Good luck and keep in touch with us on our cycle. Baby dust to you.


ElizabethS - April 25

TylerB that is amazing. We put in three and just found out that we are pregnant with at least two.


Tylerb - April 27

I had et yesterday they put two grade 2 8 cell back(only allowed 2 in uk)the transfer was excelent and specialist said uterus was nice and thick his comment was our chances are very very good.I know it is not a definate but it has done wonders for my positive thinking


WantsBaby2 - April 27

Good news Tylerb!
I will say prayers for you that this will be successful! Try to take it easy and take care of yourself! Lots of baby dust to you Tylerb!



Fortyfour - April 28

Good luck tylerb and baby dust to you.


meridithhasfaith - April 28

Here's wishing the 2ww goes by quickly. Good luck!




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