IUI didn't work....
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rosy - June 10

I just wanted to let you all know that my IUI was a failure. I started getting AF on Tuesday and had my blood test yesterday and it confirmed what I already knew. I found this whole cycle extremely difficult and have decided that I will not pursue these treatments any further. My husband and I are looking into adoption. I just feel it has a more positive outcome and I'm sure you all understand that after 2 years of trying to get pregnant all we want is a family and I think adoption will work better for us. Good luck to all of you and thanks for your support while I was here.


Karen123 - June 10

Rosy, I am so very sorry to hear this news. I wish you ALL the best on your adoption journey. I have done tons of research on adoption and there are many avenues that you can take. I truly hope that you have your much desired family in the very near future. All the best to you. Karen


Fortyfour - June 11

Rosy - Sorry about the not being pg. Good luck on your adoption process.


bethann - June 11

Hi Rosy,

I know what you mean about a failed IUI and the exhaustion of these treatments. I, too, have one failed IUI and I'm really struggling with whether I want to continue with the treatments required for pg or if we go straight to adoption. My dh and I attended an orientation for intercountry adoption Thursday night and I'm soooo excited! The money we could spend on fertility treatments may be better spent toward adoption since at the end of the process I know we'll have a sweet baby to love and have as a member of our family. I've bought a couple of books on adoption and recommmend you do the same if you haven't already. A family is a family and it's about love and support and togetherness, whether the baby is a result of a pregnancy between your dh and you or the blessing of a birthmother wanting a better life for her child. As we know families come in many forms!

Good luck to you and know moms support each other regardless of the country of origin or birthing history of the child! This site is a perfect example of that. I sooo support all of the ladies going through these difficult treatments to have a child and as you can see, they support others who choose a different course!

Good luck and please stay in touch!



Debie - June 11

Hi Rosy. Sorry about your failed IUI. Wishing you and DH all the best with the adoption.




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