Inseminations this week!
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WantsBaby2 - September 1

Hi ladies,
Well I just got back home from my IUI and I am gonna put my feet up for awhile before I have to go into work. Let's hope this one is a winner. No one would be more surprised than me if it works.

How did your IUIs go Juniper? Hopefully by some miracle it will work for you too!



justme - September 1

Good luck Wantsbaby2!!!! I hope this is the one for you!


WantsBaby2 - September 1

Thanks Justme,
How is your 2ww going? You test next week right?


Meg - September 1


Best of Luck to you :) I am praying that this works for you. Wishing you lots of Babydust and prayers :)



sblanton2 - September 1

I hope this one works for you take care of yourself and get some rest.

Wishing you all the best,


Fortyfour - September 1

Wantsbaby2 - Buckets of baby dust to you.

Karen123. -- I have never worried that much about being an older mom but alot of people sure do. Its amazing what an age limit people put on themselves in this country. I have girlfriends who parents died in their 20's and 30's so their is no guarantee about anything. I could live to be in my 80's or 90's ( alot of relatives do) and see my child in their 30's and 40's. I may even see grandchildren. Thank for your thoughts.


WantsBaby2 - September 2

Thanks ladies,
All your well wishes mean a lot. I appreciate all the thoughts.

I am worried because I had a really bad and stressful day at work last night and I was so upset and angry when I got home I swear I only slept for a couple of hours. This always seems to happen on the days when I have my IUIs and I need to stay stress free!!! I just keep thinking in the back of my mind that this will affect me getting pregnant. Does this sound silly? Now I am upset for letting myself get so worked up! I hate stress so much!

Thanks for listening ladies, Wantsbaby2


Karen123 - September 2

wantsbaby2, I completely understand what you mean by getting even more stressed worrying about the stress! It's awful! A few weeks back (during my 2ww) I had a HUGE fight with DH and I was screaming and crying and had stomach cramps terribly and thought for sure that was the end of any hope I had. Thankfully, it wasn't the end. Night before last I got home at 8:30, hadn't eaten or changed from work - just too much to do and crying from being tired and cranky and I started bleeding again. Then last night, same thing. I only sleep a few hours each night because I have bad back pain so it just adds to the stress. Last night I got home at 8:45 starving and crying, sure enough started cramping and bleeding again...stress is not good! I keep telling myself I can't let this continue! We need to focus on ourselves and try hard to let other things go. As women, we take on too much and feel like everything must get done...I wish there was a way we could all help each other into just learning to say no sometimes! My problem last night was that girls at work wanted a "food day" so I had to shop for food after working late then prepare stuff last night, all the while crying and bleeding. Now if that wasn't a time to say no, I don't know what is! I hopefully have learned from this. Anyway, I have been told by doctors that stress won't prevent a pregnancy so I hope you don't worry too much...I think we just need to learn to slow down for our own sake. Karen


silli_kitti - September 2

Juniper & Wantsababy --

Good luck to both of you and may your 2ww fly by!


Juniper - September 5

My inseminations went well; it took a minute both days!! I don't feel pregnant at all, but I guess it's still soon. I have never heard of anyone getting pregnant first try with one of these. Have any of you??

Good luck everyone! I go back a week from Wednesday for my test. How is everyone else?



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