In Need of Meds Please
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WeepingHeart - April 25

I have done so many IVF/FET's that I have lost count. Because of an Insurance Carrier change effective 01/01/2008 nothing related to infertility/fertility is covered whatsoever. Therefore I am left seeking the help of others so that I may finally achieve my ultimate dream of becoming a Mommy. Next cycle to begin June 2008. I am praying to find someone who may have the following available who's insurance may have paid for and are therefore willing to donate or another who may have the following that they are willing to sell at a very low cost to help another fellow IVF struggler. I am in need of the following:

Gonal-F or Follistim
10,000 HCG Trigger
200mg Progesterone Suppositories
.75 Dexamethasone

Please email me at [email protected]


Kimberly35 - April 26

I have 8 600 IU of Follistim for sale, email me if you are interested, [email protected]


ksummerlin - April 27

Do you still need Gonal F, i have some for sale.


WeepingHeart - April 28



Red7 - April 30

Hi I saw in your post it said (bumping). I have seen this word in other post, just curious what does it mean?


WeepingHeart - April 30

It is just a way of keeping the thread at the top and for me to let others know that I am still searching.


Red7 - April 30

Thank You for letting me know what bumping meant.And Good Luck to you and Tons of Baby Dust to you!


meds4sale - April 30

Gonal f 975 IU and HCG shot, will sell all for $175 plus shipping.

E-mail [email protected]


Tanya1231 - April 30

I have alot of follistim. 2 menopur and 4 ganerelix. Let me know if you are still looking and send me an offer.I know how stressful it is to try to pay for everything I just went through it! Transfer is Friday!


Andy - May 4

I have a 1050 IU Gonal-F pen, expiring 07/2008. Asking $200 plus shipping.
I have 10 boxes utrogestan 100, expiring 08/2009. Asking $30 plus shipping.
I have 1 box decapeptyl 0,1 mg (7 syringes) expiring 06/2008. Asking $20 plus shipping.
Preferred payment is Paypal.
Contact me at [email protected]


happygirl08 - May 22

No certain asking price. Im willing to help.

Great buy! Leftover meds from successful ivf cycle in feburary. Brand new,never opened. 3 follistim 900iu cart. with pen and needles.exp 2/2010 & 4/2010 1 ovidrel prefilled syringe exp.5/09 and 3 menopur 75iu exp 6/09. Please email best offer. COD or paypal payments preferred.


tapensee - June 7

I have one 600iu follistim and pen. The vial is out of the box, only because I THOUGHT I was going to use for another 48 hours. It has NOT been used, or even pinstured. My follies matured very quickly so we stopped using follistim on day 10! Happy to sell cheap. has been stored properly.

Best of luck!!



momma04 - June 10

I have 88 200 mg Prometrium Capsules available. Please email me at [email protected] with what you can afford to pay!



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