HSG Test - Question about tubal patency
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bethann - May 29

Hello again everyone! I feel like I've been off the board forever and I just want to say hi to all. I've been reading all the posts and wasn't sure where to jump in so I figured, what the heck, I'll start a new thread.
I'm so excited for all of you June ladies. I'm routing for each of you and think of you often. Karen, welcome to the site! I went through my first IUI earlier in the month (unsuccessful) and this place was a godsend.
Now, I do actually have a couple of questions. I'm having an hsg performed Tuesday. I had one 2 years ago and it showed my left tube totally open and the other a maybe. The radiologist wasn't sure if it was a spasm or blockage. Fortunately, my RE is actually doing the test himself this time so I feel better knowing that. I've read on the internet that just because the hsg shows that the tubes are open, that doesn't necessarily mean they work properly. Does anyone have any experience with that? I won't do a lap b/c I'm not willing to risk the general anesthesia but I know that a lap is the gold standard. Second question, do you think it is really true that a person's fertility increases the 2-3 months after hsg? My RE is skeptical on that one, he says he thinks that it's mostly luck (which I'll gladly take at this point). Thanks!!!


Fortyfour - May 29

From my experience with this I have read where the fertility rate increased after the hsg for a few months. Especially if the women has any endo. Good luck with the procedure and baby dust to you.


bethann - June 2

I had the hsg test and I'm clear on both sides. good news. RE says everything looks exactly as it should. the hsg did hurt more this time and i had a little spotting. other than that, not a big deal fortunately.
so, i'll get started on the meds again in a couple of weeks for my second try at IUI. I'm definitely not looking forward to the mood swings again, i've felt so great lately. oh well. it's worth it!
baby dust to everyone!


Fortyfour - June 3

Congrats on the test. Good luck.


bethann - June 3

Thanks 44. I'm watching and waiting anxiously for you!




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