How does basal temperature relate to all this?
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silli_kitti - May 19

Is anyone measuring their BT through their cycle?

I'd like to compare notes on this too. What does your BT do around ovulation/HCT trigger? Only had one IUI cycle so far, BT went crazy, so I can't tell anything other than it plummetted from its high the last 3 days, I had the slightest bit of discolored discharge 2 days ago and again yesterday, so I thought for sure my AF was coming, but not here yet. Today is 14 days post-IUI, and supposed to get HCG test done. I wasn't going to since I was so sure AF was coming, but keeping fingers crossed now !!


Fortyfour - May 21

Silli - kitti- I hope you are pg. Keep in touch with us. Good luck.


cassandra - May 22

Silli-kitti, Good luck on your hcg test. I never heard of anyone charting their basel temp during this process, I only did it years ago before we found out I had blocked tubes. I would think it would be inaccurate because all of the hormones do some pretty weird things to the body but I'm no expert. Maybe the dr. upstairs knows? Good luck..cassandra


shaz - May 22

Hi Silli Kitti,

I know that Babybound charted her temperature during her 2ww....She is now pregnant, but I couldnt tell you what her temps were.....

Looks like you will find out today though....How very exciting....Good luck



BabyBound - May 22

Silli Kitt, I've read that a temp above 98.0 for 14 days consectutive days after ovulation is a sign of pregnancy. In the mornings my temp would be in the 98 range and in the evening in the 99 range.

I hope you are pg...let us know.


silli_kitti - May 24

Your temp is normally stays elevated for 14 days after ovulation. If your temp stays elevated for more than 17 days after ovulation, you are pregnant. Sometimes, there is a second jump in temperature around the time of implantation. I had a second jump in temperature my last cycle, but I also had a nasty cold and felt feverish around that time, so I don't know if it was fever or implantation. I wondered if I had implantation because when AF came, I was almost hemmoraging, it was so heavy and I was passing large clots like never before (sorry for the TMI). Also, my HCG test was 3.9, which was negative, but whenever I had HCG test before, the result was always "not detected." I wondered if the fact that they detected 3.9 meant I may have had implantation, but then had early pregnancy loss. Clinic said it has been too long to be residual HCG from the trigger shot.

Guess I'll never know.

I've been charting my temp for 7 months. If temp charting is infallible, then I know I ovulate every cycle, though my cycles are irregular. The Clomid helps to regulate my cycles, but so far doesn't do much for extra follicles (only had 2 last cycle, and I don't count the 39 mm one, so really only had 1 possibly viable egg).

Unfortunately, I am not pregnant. But I knew this before they even did the IUI, since I had a follicle that was 39 mm and, in my uneducated opinion, useless. They kept saying "its OK, we've had success with large follicles before," but its not like they would tell me "oops, we let your follicle get too big before the trigger, sorry, better luck next cycle!"

I flat out told them I didn't believe them, as its all over the internet about optimum follicles being in the 18-22 or 24 mm range. I've never seen anyone mention anything ever about a follicle my size. Probably because these are what they refer to as CYSTS, not follicles. Interestingly, they did not do a u/s before the IUI, nor have they ordered one since, so I have no idea if it ruptured, or is still there and growing bigger.

Anyways, I'm trying again. Had my day 3 baseline bloodwork and have a few questions I'll ask in another thread.

Thanks ladies!


TTC in SoCal - May 31

silli-kitti.... i've started charting my temps also. the problem with mine, though, are they are low... i am almost always at 97... i saw where it looked like i ovulated (spiked temp - 97.75), but it dropped again the next day. i have hashimoto's thyroiditis, so my thyroid is becoming less active... thus the lower temps.

anyway.... good luck!!!



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