Cost of IVF ?
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Darby206 - June 8

I have a girlfriend who is wanting to start the IVF process. She has done a couple of unsuccessful IUI's and is inquiring about the cost of IVF. Can you all give me a ballpark as to your total bills for IVF? (and please include where you live for a cost of living comparison)

Thanks so much for your help!!!!


whynotme - June 8

Hey there!

I'm going to a place in Northern VA and the cost for IVF with meds, tests, etc. is about $15,000 if insurance doesn't cover any of it - like me >:(

It also sepends if you need to do ICSI, PGD, etc.


laura - June 8

Dear Darby,
I have had 2 IVF cycles in 2005. I live in North Carolina. With out insurance, each cycle cost 12-14,ooo per cycle. This includes everything. I am older(41), so there is probably abouth 1000 extra in monitoring and possably 5oo-1000 more in medications. The cycles vary because of how long your stimmulated (9 to 14 days) which means more medication and more monitoring. I hope this helps.
Baby dust Laura


snindy - June 8

I'm from Michigan, I paid $5000 because I was in a PCOS study and only had to pay half but if I wasn't in this study then the price would of been $10,000-$12,000.

Some insurance companies will pay for 1 try in your life time but like my insurance company they don't cover crap. On top of the price for IVF, you might have to pay extra for your shots or meds.


LisainAK - June 9

I had to go to Seattle - w/ ICSI it was about $9,000 (w/o is $7,600ish) plus meds - would guess $3-$5k more for those.


bethann - June 9

I live in central VA and my RE says the cost for IVF is 10K. I haven't pursued that just yet so I don't know if that's all inclusive (meds, etc.) and like snindy, my insurance doesn't cover crap either :)


Giellaw - June 9

I live in Colorado and the cost of IVF is about 15K w/ ICSI. Without ICSI it's about 2K less. Good luck.


Karen123 - June 10

Hi. I live in Connecticut. Our insurance covers nothing. We have to pay $18,000 up front, not including any bloodwork. I haven't received any bills for that yet so I dont know how much that will run us. If we don't need ICSI, we get $2,200 back and if there are no eggs to freeze, we get $900 more back. They make you pay for everything up front and then what you don't need, they refund. We're planning on 18K total since we figure all the blood and other tests will add up. The 18K includes the estimated 4K for the medications and includes an anestheseologist (sp?) for the egg retrieval. Worst case, about 20K. I just found a buyer for my red convertible :( . I'm sad but that is going to be a big help - sold it for $7,200. Now if I can just get DH to sell his Harley, we'll be in much better shape!



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