anyone doing iui cycle in nov.???
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BethMX - November 11

Hi Hopeforbaby and all,

I started my needles (GonalF) last Friday and everything seems to be going well, I´ve been feeling great!! And today, in about an hour I will go for my first ultrasound to check on my follicles. I will let you know how it goes! I´m so excited and a bit nervous.

Seems like I should be having my first IUI next week too, either Tuesday or Thursday. I´m excited!

I will keep you posted, baby dust to all of you.


hopeforbaby - November 12

i think my iui will be on tues. or wed. so we will be going through the 2ww togeather... good luck and bunches of baby dust!!!! kristy


hopeforbaby - November 15

hello everyone,
just wanted o let you guys know that i had my hcg inj. today. the nurse said everything looked great i had 3 mature follicles (19, 18 and 17) and i got my e2 levels back and they were 497.... i am sooo thrilled she said it lookes so much better than our last atempt. we will go ahead with the iui on wed. sorry to ramble, i am just sooo excited and nervous. well ladies' please keep me posted on your progress... BUNCHES OF BABY DUST TO ALL OF YOU!!!!


annieL - November 15

Had my retrieval on Sunday.... Still feeling a little sore too. Any suggestions for that? They got 20 ocytes/eggs. Anyone out there know if this is a good number. What next? I am filled with anxiety.....


annieL - November 15

15 mature eggs 11 fertilized........ transfer on Thurs....


BethMX - November 15

Hello Hopeforbaby,

I had my hcg injection today too! just this morning. And I will have my IUI tomorrow- wednesday so we will be right on the same path for the 2ww. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow and lots of baby dust.....same for AnnieL and the rest of you guys.

I´m so excited about tomorrow. DH and I will take the day off from the office to relax and be prepared for the big step.

Please let me know how it all goes for you. I will keep you posted!! I wanted to let you know about the news. I also have 3 mature follicles.

Baby Dust to all of us!


hopeforbaby - November 15

beth, that is sooo great... i am soo excited. DH is already off wk on wed. and he is making me take the day off too. he told me i was suppose to sit around and be babied...( even though the RE said it was okay to work) so what time do you go in for the iui??? my appt is at 9 am. hopefully we will get great news at the end of our dreded 2ww... well, good luck tomorrow... hope everything goes well and we can move down stairs soon... (ALL OF US) please, please, please keep me posted... i just think it is soo neat we will be on the same sch. well, bunches of baby dust to all of u...



BethMX - November 16

Hi Hopeforbaby,

If you can, take the day off! It is a good excuse ;) and you can take care of yourself. Nothing is enough at this point in terms of careness.

My appt. is at 5:00 pm so a little later than yours. I wish you all the best for tomorrow and promise to write again on Thursday!!

Tons of Baby Dust!!


BethMX - November 17

Hello you all,

I wanted to let you know about my IUI yesterday. It went well, as I responded very good to meds, although my DH sample wasn´t that perfect :( However, the RE said we should go ahead with it as we still have some chances to get a positive result.
Soooo, now here we are at the beginning of the 2ww! I have to check my beta on Nov 30.....argggghhhhh hope the time goes by quickly!

How are you all doing?? Hopeforbaby, how did your IUI went??
AnnieL...what happened with your transfer??

I hope you are all okay and tons of baby dust to all of you.
Please keep in touch, the road is easier when there is someone to talk too!!

Baby DUST!!!


hopeforbaby - November 18

good morning ladies, hope everyone is doing well...
just wanted to let you guys know that my iui on wed. went well... not as much cramping as i had with the last one... (the RE said it was a good sign) i go in for labs on the 21st and the 28th and i should get my results back on the 29th...(it sucks i gotta wait a whole day before i find out)
anyways, beth, how did everything go??? how are you feeling? are you and DH being optimistic... i know we are trying, i am just too scared to get my hopes up like i did last month... even though they said everything looked soo much better this month... ohhhh, have yo tried accupuncture? i went last night for my first appt and it was soo weird... i haven't really decided if i am going to stick to it or not... i walked in and he was checking my pulse and he looked at me real funny and said "i think you are pregnate" i was like, don't say that, you'll jinks it... it was all just really wierd... just thought i would let you know... keep me posted on how everything is going with you...

bunches and bunches of baby dust!!!!!


logged in - November 18

Well I am new to the forum...I have 3 days to the end of my 2ww. I of course took a pre test and it came out negative...ok-I took 4 tests!!
This is my third month of IUI. The nurses/dr thought this was the month.
I mean I had 4 STRONG follies...high 20's. The nurses even wanted to prepare me incase I had multiples.
Well-i've decided to just wait until day more tests...time will tell.
I see others are around the same wait time.
Positive thougts to all!


Souls - November 20

Hi All,

Just to let you know I posted the above reply. For some reason I couldn't log in properly...but think I am now.
Well tomorrow is the big I'm obviously hoping for a bfp...right now I can't tell if it's my period coming or not. This is the first month on Gonal-F so it's hard to tell what is going on. I know I have acne like crazy and that is so not like me...ever!

Hopeforbaby- I have used acupuncture for other reasons for years but since moving have yet to find one I really like. I started going to one for fertility a couple months ago but haven't been back to see her in sometime. I'm told it helps relax the uterus. She was kinda different from what I"m use to.


BethMX - November 21

Hi Souls... how did your test go?? what were the results?? I soooo much hope you had a wonderful BFP!!

Hi Hopeforbaby, how are you feeling?? have you decided on acupunture yet?? I haven´t tried it. I´m feeling good, sometimes I think I´m nauseous and my breasts hurt...but I really cannot tell if it is my wanting to feel it or if it is really there!!! I guess it´s too early for sypmtoms right?

This 2ww is more difficult than what I´ve expected. Not knowing and trying at the same time to be positive but realistic, it is just hard.

How are you all feeling??

Keep us posted.
Baby dust to all!! and let´s hope for a HAPPY Christmas.



rena - November 23

Hi All,
I got my period today and would start IUI with Gonal-F this cycle. However, I found out today at OB doctor's office that I have virginal yeast infection. The doctor prescribed m Fluconazole to take byt month. Could any of you tell me with yeast infection can I do IUI? Did you take Fluconazole before? Can I try to do IUI while taking Fluconazole?
Thank you very much for your help!


Souls - November 23

Hi Rena,

My guess is that you should still be able to start Gonal-F b/c I don't think you would start on it right away..not until around day 5-8?? I know everyone's first day and length they take Gonal-F is different. Personally I would phone up the dr's office right away and ask. I was on 75 of G-F but I would have to check my calendar as to what day I started taking it.

Beth-I got a BFP! It still hasn't sunk in really. I went to day for my blood tests and will go twice a week until week six and then an ultrasound.

I need to tell you (from my experience) that your mind can play tricks on you. I was thinking the first week in the 2ww I was going to get my period...thought I had all the signs...but they are confusing being on G-F. Then I took ept and the first one came out neg...then three more negs. I don't suggest doing was the first month I did and I tell you it just added to the agony. Wait until after you are suppose to get your AF. That is my advice.

The nurse today just said "Soooo you got a positive" "Yep"...."well" she says..."now the question is how many" I keep joking with my dh that it will be all four and he tells me to him dearly.
I'm laugh'in but it's a nervous laugh...praying for a healthy one! anything else is just desert!

Sending positive thoughts to all of you and thanks for your support!

If you live in the US-Happy Thanksgiving. I'm having 10 family members stay at my house today until Sunday????? But, I'll try to enjoy it while keeping my pregnancy a secret.


BethMX - November 23

Hello Souls,

WONDERFUL!!! Great news for the holiday :D
Congratulations!! I wish you a safe and lovely pregnancy!!

I was so excited to hear about your BFP and please let us know how many are there! I will follow your advise and won´t let my mind playing games to me, although you sure know this is soooo difficult. But I´ll wait until Nov. 30, when I have to do my beta.

I don´t live in the US, but close- Mexico. But I wish you and all a great Thanksgiving Holiday! Hopefully the 10 people won´t be too much ;)

Baby dust to all!
And Happy Thanksgiving




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