what do i do now??
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Emma74 - September 5

Hi i was wondering if you could help me please.
a bit of history first, i had endometriosis diagnosed in 2005 and it has since been treated and disappeared after acupuncture, however, in 1996 i fell pg for the first time resulting in an ectopic pg at 6wk+5 in my right tube they left the tube as it was not badly damaged, i then fell pg straight after but m/c at 5w+4d i didnt concieve again until 2000 and again i fell pg with an ectopic pg and had the baby and the right tube removed at 9w+4d i have since been unable to concieve naturally as my left tube is blocked. :'( i have had my 1st ivf and was lucky to concieve however at 5w+4d i suffered a ruptured ectopic in my right stump (the hosp i had my previous loss's failed to mention they had left a stump next to my uterus, everything was fine with my other baby that was in the right place and carried on growing although on the lower end of normal at 8w+6d i went to see my midwife and performed at scan baby's heart had stopped so it looked like it had died at around 7wk+5 as at my scan at 7wk+3d bubs was still fine, i had an erpc yesterday and bubs has been sent for tests.
Im due to see my ivf consultant friday to see when i can start frozen embryo transfer as im lucky enough to have 8 embies. what do you suggest i ask my consultant as i cant go through another m/c please help!!! do you think it is immune issues or just bad luck!
Many thanks


Dr Smith - September 7

This is a medical question and it is out of my area of expertise. I'll tell you what I think, but you really need an MD's opinion on this. Repeated ectopic pregnancies are not likely to be an immune problem. It sounds like an anatomical problem. The intrauterine pregnancy loss may have been just the luck of the draw. Discuss the issue with your doctor or post your question on Dr Jacobs message board.



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