Lab Mistake
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JudyY - November 4

Dr. Please help - My clinic called today and told me the Lab made a mistake. I had 9 eggs retrieved, 7 were mature. I am doing PGD so they have to do ICSI. Well, they successfully fertilized 4 eggs but someone in the lab threw the other 3 mature eggs away. They assured me that the 3 were thrown away and not mixed up with anyone's.

The clinic is recommending that we freeze those 4 and try another cycle to get more embroyos then PGD the new ones and the frozen at the same time then move on to transfer.

I am 34 soon to be 35 and doing PGD as I am a carrier of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This was my 2nd cycle. First cycle cancelled for dominant follicle.

1. Should I freeze these four or try with only four for PGD/transfer.
2. Clinic is offering next cycle for free but would like me to pay for meds. I think they should pay for everything, any thoughts?
3. Is this pure lab negligence? Or does this happen routinely?

Any thoughts are appreciated. I am in shock and do not know if I should follow clinic advice and freeze on day 3 or if I should move on with PGD/transfer.



Dr Smith - November 6

1. Freezing and combining embryos with another cycle is a good idea. More embryos can be genetically tested for the same price. It will also increase your chances of finding a non-carrier embryo(s).

2. Ask the clinic if they have any donated meds. Perhaps they can give them to you for the next cycle. Otherwise, ask them to pay for new meds. Their mistake, they pay.

3. Pure lab negligence. Thankfully, this kind of thing does not happen offer.


JudyY - November 8

Dr. Smith, thanks for your response. I am regretting that we chose to freeze as my insurance covers biopsy and PGD, however, it is too late now.

More questions, by freezing the embryos is there an increase chance that they will not be capabable of withstanding the biopsy for PGD? Also, do FET transfers have a reduced chance of implanting?

Thanks again - Judy


Dr Smith - November 9

Yes to both, but the degree freeze-thaw damage is lab specific. If they suggested freezing the embryos, they must have confidence in their embryo cryopreservation program. It is unusual for insurance to pick up the tab for PGD. You must have great insurance.



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