Dealing with Infertility Emotions

It can be difficult to deal with the wide range of emotions that infertility can bring. Here are some suggestions to help you cope with the emotional journey.

View Conception as a Process
It can be difficult not to expect positive results right away once you begin fertility treatments. However, treatments can take a long time, and you and your partner may need to undergo a variety of different tests and treatment options.

Try to view the treatment journey as a process. Remain positive but don't expect to see results right away. Instead, talk with your partner and fertility specialist about when you can expect to see results.

Set Boundaries with Your Family
Undoubtedly, your family and friends will want to be there to support you through this challenging time. However, it can sometimes be difficult to discuss all the emotions that you are feeling with others. You may need a little time on your own to work through all of the different feelings.

Remind your family and friends that you appreciate their support, but ask them to respect your privacy. Suggest to them that you will seek them out when you need to talk.

Get Involved in Your Life
Fertility treatments have the potential to take over your life. Not only do they require time and money, but also intense emotional commitment. You may find yourself taking time off of work, avoiding social outings, or just forgetting to enjoy life while you and your parter take on this battle.

But it is important not to lose sight of your everyday activities. Take the time to step away from your infertility battle everyday by reconnecting with friends, going on special outings, or pursuing an activity that interests you.


Table of Contents
1. The Emotional Journey
2. Facing Infertility
3. How to stay positive
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