Regain Your Sense of Control

Infertility is often accompanied by a lost sense of control. It can be difficult to accept it when you experience a problem that seems to be out of your reach to fix. However, by reinstating your sense of control, you can begin to deal more positively with your fertility issues.

Here are some ways to regain some control in your life:

  • Talk with your Health Care Provider: It is important that you talk regularly with your health care providers, including your nurses and reproductive endocrinologist. Find out all that you can about your condition and possible treatment choices. Do your own reading about infertility and bring ideas and opinions up with your health care team.
  • Design an Action Plan: When coping with infertility, it is important to set up an action plan that you and your partner can follow. This action plan can include a list of the treatments that you are going to pursue as well as the maximum amount of money you are able to spend on them. Your action plan should look to both the present and future: decide what you want to do now, but also consider options for later on, in case treatment doesn’t work out.
  • Define Your Limits: It is important that you are able to set limits on treatments that you are going to pursue. Fertility treatments, like IUI and IVF, can seem never ending at times, and if you are unable to define an ending point this can take quite a toll on your physical and emotional health, not to mention your finances. Try to set a specific time when you will end treatments, or limit your treatments to a certain number of cycles.

Seeking Professional Help

Because infertility is such a challenging issue to have to deal with, it can sometimes be helpful to speak with a therapist or counselor who has special expertise in the field. Fertility counselors are knowledgeable about various infertility treatments, and can often help couples make choices about their treatment options.

Additionally, counselors are able to help couples experiencing infertility work through their emotions and feelings regarding the subject. Most couples who are undergoing infertility treatment choose to speak with a therapist at some point during their treatment.


Table of Contents
1. Coping With Infertility
2. Regaining Control
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