If you know that you want to parent a child, then adoption may be an ideal choice to pursue after you have ended your fertility treatments. There are many children out there who are looking for loving and safe homes. Parenting an adoptive child can provide you with the same joy and love as parenting a biological child.

Adoption involves parenting a child who was born of other parents. You take this child into your own home and love and care for him as you would your biological child. There are many different types of adoptions, some of which are carried out independently and some through private or state adoption agencies. Adoption can be a long and drawn out process, so it is important to investigate adoption agencies in your state before making your decision.

Living Childfree

After pursuing fertility treatment, you may decide that you would like to live childfree. This means that you have you chosen not to pursue other paths that may lead to parenthood. For some couples, this can be a hard decision to make. Society often imposes the idea that life without children is strange or selfish. In fact, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Choosing to live childfree is your decision, and it can be a very rewarding and selfless one. If you pursue this option, it does not mean that you have to give up your feelings about children or your past desires to have one. Instead, it means that you have chosen to pursue another path that you feel is right for you.

Living childfree can have incredible advantages, leaving you time to pursue a career, travel, or volunteer work. It can also allow you more time to spend with your partner and loved ones.


Table of Contents
1. Options After Infertility
2. The childfree option
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