Starting the dreaded wait again....
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Shdy Grove 2 - July 18


Thanks for your message. I just want to share with you to keep pushing for what you want. I look back at the four years of trying for Olivia. The stage 3 endo, the blocked tubes, 2 Laparoscopies, three IUI's, clomid and diminished ovarian function. Then we did an IVF, which I said I would never do. When we had Olivia I felt sooo fortunate and a hugh sense of accomplishment. Challenges like these make us stronger and really appreciate what's important. I hope your DH and you remain a strong team and if its something you really want, you'll make it happen. Seek the best medical advice and trust your instincts if something doesn't make sense. We have to be advocates for ourselves. My ob at first dismissed endo, then I insisted on the larp surgery. Turns out I had stage 3. I then found one of the top larpo surgeons in the DC area and what a God he was. (Sorry for the ramble)

Now that we got a BFP on this last attempt I'm scared about this. Ugh, I had a plan if it was a neg, but now I feel totally vulnerable. It's like "what have we done!" How we will handle 2, what if something is wrong?

Jennifern, you are right about that quote, that's exactly what it feels like! Talk with you tomorrow. Will let you know about the beta. I've been listening to the nurse's voicemail over and over. See we all can be a little neurotic ;)



CPape - July 18

Hi Liz,

I read your posts and wanted to pass on a hug and some positive thoughts to you. I admire the strength of the women on this site. I feel like passing on some strength. I got a bfn in the beginning of July and then was told I couldn't do the next cycle and then when af finally came and I went for my baseline b/w and u/s (last monday) the cycle got cancelled because my fsh was too high. Now, I wait until next monday the 24th for a new baseline and see if the fsh went down.

CONGRATS TO ALL YOU BFP'S!!!!!!!!!!!! The good news is SO worth reading and leaves me happy!! May your pregnancy journeys be wonderful!!!!
So, I share in your frustration but want to pass on that you are a strong woman and anyone in our position is to be greatly admired for their patience, perseverence, and strength. Remember the outcome, whenever and however we get to it will be so worth it and you deserve to live your dream. Never forget that!!!! And, NEVER STOP LIVING YOUR LIFE IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS!!! Much love, prayers and hugs to you! I hope your next cycle is super sticky!!!!!!!



CPape - July 18


sorry about the congrats thing in the middle of my message to you, not sure how that was supposed to be at the end. Oops!



Shdy Grove 2 - July 18

Liz, Tracylee and Catherine and for anyone else getting ready for the next try, I meant to tell you about what I did different this time... acupunture. I had a higher FSH and incorporated acupunture treatments from a Dr. familiar with fertility and the cycles. Last IVF, 2 yrs ago, I only had one 1 rated embryo, this cycle I had four 1 rated embryos. I was pleased. I've read alot of positive research on this so I thought I should give it a shot.

Thanks for the congrats :-)



jennifern - July 18

Hello ladies,

Thanks for all the wonderful responses to the good news

I second what Catherine said....we are damn strong & should feel proud about that

I am still a nervous wreck & doubt anything will change for awhile! Today it was over 100 degrees in the city and after walking 6 blocks I almost passed out. I kept hearing the PA's words'don't overheat' again & again. Then I realized that women in the desert have babies all the time & I need to relax!
Regardless, it was good to lie down in the air side effects are def. kicking in & the funny part is I WANT them to so I know I'm still pregs !

I will try to channel this nervous energy into positive thoughts for all of your next cycles....

Jen, GOOD LUCK!!!! Expecting a full report tomorrow (WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY????)



Shdy Grove 2 - July 18


I just love your postings. I missed responding fully to your last email. In DC it is hot as well! Ugh, thank goodness for AC.
You mentioned excercising. Well, despite the image I have of running a few steps and somehow I jolt this little growing wonder - I must listen to the countless people that advise some form of excercise is good for you. Part of me wants to lay on a soft bed for 9 months and not rock-the-boat (know that feeling?). My dr. says that if I am not a marathon runner now is not the time to start, but some form is good to keep doing. I have been using the treadmill over the past few months for about 20 mins, 3 x a wk (actually made my endo cramps nill when AF was here - go figure) anyway, now I am just going to walk a nice pace while catching prime-time TV. Basically, a little movement is good for you, hence good for "everything". Of course ALWAYS check with your trusted dr. even with the great advice we have - but it does make sense.

Stay cool for sure. I will report in tomorrow afternoon.
Please send some wishing for just one healthy little one. Two will send me over the edge. :-)



liz - July 18

Hi Catherine-

Thank you very much for your postive thoughts. It has been a rough couple of days, but I will get better. Everyday I think I feel a bit stronger. Scared, but stronger.

I go for a baseline u/s on Thurs. and if all is well I will start my Repronex again this cycle. We will see. Hopefully I will have not problems and am able to move along.

Are your doing ivf or iui or something else? I will keep you in my prayers for a good appointment Monday. If you like, I would love to hear how you are making out.

Take care and again thank you so much for your support.


Thanks again for your support.


liz - July 18


Thank you for sharing your story with me. I appreciate your kind words and support.

Good luck to you tomorrow, hope all is well.

Take care -


Shdy Grove 2 - July 19

2nd Beta test today, got the call, count at 1359 up from 670 - so on target... for now. Fingers crossed.
U/S scheduled for next thurs the 27th. Another moment of holding my breath and another week of waiting. All this waiting.... 2 ww, another 2 ww, 9 months....



Lila - July 19

Jen/Shady Grove

Sorry to jump in on your thread but I am also in DC area and looking into accupunture could I ask where you went? Could you also give me some idea of how you scheduled it - before and during cycle?

I really appreciate any info, thanks


Lila - July 19

Sorry posted too soon meant to include a big congratulations on your pregnancy you really sound like you should be poster child for Shady Grove - you are great success story! Good luck with the pregnancy


jennifern - July 19

I was thinking aboout you results all day but only now could check...
Congrats!!!! That must be a huge relief!!! I am so happy for you
Did they you can indicate by the doubling whether it's multiple or singleton?
How are you feeling?

I have 2nd beta tomorrow & I am really nervous--but my physical symptoms are starting to distract me

The annoying thing about 1st trimester seems to be that you have all the physical stuff AND all the worry--you can't even relax into the side effects & feel comfortable that all is ok!!! At least I think that is how this will feel....I'm obviously new at all of this!

BTW- If anyone wants an AMAZING acupuncturist in NYC let me know...I have an amazing one who specializes in pregs


tracylee - July 19

Congrat Jen! Those results are great! Hoping yours are super, too jennifern!



Shdy Grove 2 - July 20


Welcome to the board. I really just stumble upon my acupunturist - she is local works around Rt 50 and Gallows in Fairfax. I recommend talking with your fertility doctor and see if they can recommend someone close. It's important for the acupunturist to be familiar with your treatment cycle and check out their patients results. The early to start the better. We started with treatments to get my ovaries in top shape to before stimulation. They should be looking at your fertility test results and talking with you everyday as you get closer to the conception day. Just my 2 cents, I did have better results this time - I also increase my medications, but it's one of those things where I really felt like I was doing all that I could to help. I liked the fact that it wasn't more meds I was taking to. I wish you all the best!!! Thanks for the congrats. I do the 3rd beta tomorrow.


Waiting to hear how you are doing. I hope those numbers double up for you. Keeping fingers crossed.

Looking forward to your next phase and sending lots of fertility dust your way :-) You're in good company.



jennifern - July 20

HCG= 556 (up from 137)
I feel really weird twitching 'down there' I think b/c I was so anxious.
PA didn't call me (she usually call by 2:30) so I waited until 3:40 (on the dot!!) to call. Then she was oh so casual about it....I wanted to scream!

More BW on I have to calm down & make sure I get to the studio tomorrow!!


tracylee - July 20

Great news jennifern! Super! Best wishes!




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