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AngieMrchnt - November 20 12:39pm


Hi there.. I forgot to ask a very important question... How do you all deal with all the mood swings...? I am telling you sometimes I cant even stand myself... LOL... I am not on any meds yet for anything other than for my hypothyriodism... Heck the thyroid problem alone gives me mood swings and now PCOS... I feel so awful for my family some times... Help me anyone....


HeatherMak - November 23 9:46pm


Well, my suggestion would be Xanax. Ask for it by name!!


Actually, I had stopped seeing my therapist until the infertility kicked my butt and I went back. She suggested some kind of anti-stress meds because of all the anxiety infertility brings to the table, not to mention the usual list of medical problems that accompanies infertility.

While you may not want to go as EXTREME as xanax, there are some very mild herbal remedies that can do wonders!! We have a store here called "Whole Foods"...or is it "Wild Oats"...either way, a store that carries herbal remedies can guide you to one that is VERY mild and won't knock you for a loop that will help take the edge off of the daggers life is flinging at you.

Just my two cents...isn't it nice to have company on this kooky journey??



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