2nd IVF - poor results
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bea - May 26

Dr. Jacobs,

I had my second IVF retrieval and transfer this week (age 37 - 38 next month). I had a first attempt a few months ago after being on gonal f and had 20 follicles/11 eggs were retrieved and 7 were viable embryos. We transferred 2 with high grades (8 cells on day 3 and I know you are a proponent of blastocyst transfers) and froze the rest. I did not get pregnant. We chose to do another fresh cycle since I will not have coverage for IVF in 2006 and want to keep the frozen embryos for later use/FET is less expensive. This cycle they changed my meds slightly and added repronex to the gonal f. I had 17 follicles/8 eggs were retrieved/ but only resulted in one viable embryo. The others didn't progress. I won't have a consultation until after my pregnancy test and am still hoping but was wondering how common it is to have such a poor yield?. Could the addition of repronex have made a difference? I know its difficult for you to have insight but am wanting to know. My diagnosis is anovulation and my husband has no issues. What questions should I ask my RE? Thanks very much.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 26

We have found that we get better quality eggs if we do not add LH, which is 1 of the componants of Repronex. Some times wo would get more eggs by adding a product that contained LH, but the number of good quality eggs was higher if we did not.
Good luck.


bea - May 27

Thanks for getting back with me Dr. Jacobs. I assume this is common knowledge and will ask me RE when I have the chance. I am now wondering why he even added the repronex at all? It doesn't make any sense to me, now.

Any thoughts?


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 27

Many programs do use Repronex, or other products to add some LH to the stimulation. In our program, we found that when we used nothing but FSH to stimulate ovaries, we got better quality eggs.
Good luck.



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