Success with iui
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bdantonio - December 9

I dont ovulate regularly. I will get a period maybe once to twice a year without being induced. So my chances of O on my own is slim to none. 50mg of clomid never got me BFP i needed 100mg. I also used the clear blue easy Oulation kit no the disposable one the you buy the sticks for and the monitoring system thatyouput them in. You have to test your urine alot more. I found it more acurate hen the disposable ones. SCost more but worth it. I still hae it for some reason. I paid too much to trash it even though im getting my tubes tied after this pregnancy. I think i got sick at first with the meds but that was over 5 years ago. I think my body just adjusted to them. The last tiem around i just got head aches.


mjforney - December 10

Hi Jena:

I did 8 IUI's and all failed, we tried the chlomid and monitored my follicles with the ultrasound. On a couple occasions I did the HCG shot. we decided to do IVF and it took the first try..... Some people have great sucess with IUI... I think my chances were less due to the fact I had frozen donor sperm.... not sure if that was the reason, but I would think it played a role in my stats!


Arabsrcool - December 10


Do you have the Clear Blue easy fertility monitor? I have a friend that wants one if you want to sell it.


I am so sorry to hear about you getting so sick on clomid. Sounds like clomid is not for you. Are you going to move on to injectibles?



Arabsrcool - December 12


Just checking to see how you are doing?



bdantonio - December 12

Ronda yeah i still have it.


Arabsrcool - December 13


do you want to sell the monitor and if so how much?




bdantonio - December 13

sure i dont ever need it again. I guess $50.00 thats 1/4 of what i paid for it and the cost to ship it.


Brianandjena - December 13

Hi I am still
I am on cd 25.. thanks for checking in on me,. How are you doing?


Arabsrcool - December 14


I will let her know and see if she wants it. I'll let you know ASAP.


Glad to hear you are still alive. Just a few more days and you will know where you stand. I will keep you in my prayers.

I'm ok, just waiting for AF to show up. Who would have thought I would have ever WANTED to start AF.



bdantonio - December 14

Ronda are you doing ivf or iui?


Arabsrcool - December 14


I did 9 IUI's that failed. Last one was in November. I am hoping to get into a IVF study that my doc is in charge of and have to wait for AF to go for screening appt. I am trying not to get too excited b/c the study is very, very selective and only a few will be the tune of 440 total in USA and Europe....odds are not good to be accepted. My dh and I have maxed out the insurance with all the IUI and don't have anymore coverage and do not have the resources to do IVF on our own.

my friend is going to talk to her husband this weekend about the monitor, so I'll let you know the 1st of the week. I WISH it would help me, but with male factor, it would truely be a Christmas Miracle to get pg, even if I knew when I was going to O.



bdantonio - December 14

Ronda: If you go onlne to, they can help you wit financing, and paying for ivf. They can find clinics that fit your budget and all. Maybe they can help you.


Brianandjena - December 15

Update: I started AF today ( I had a little dark bloodand some pink yesterday ) so not sure if this is cycle day one or Um so *sad* I am going to go through clomid and iui and trigger shot agian. I go like tomorrow or monday. Wow.. This is crazy! I knew it wasnt my month, But I Just wanted it to be so badly.I hate being so sad... But right on time, I am on cd 27. so... Good luck everyone*HUG* I will be praying for all of you. ! Thank you for all of your support. I dont know what I would do with out u guys~JEna =


bdantonio - December 16

sorry jena i will pray that this time is your month


Arabsrcool - December 17


I am so sorry. I know its hard, but keep going. Keep me posted.! LOTS OF BABY DUST FOR YOU!


Thanks for info on ARC Fertility, but I think emotionally and physcially I am done with ART (not to mention financially we cannot take anymore either)

My friend is going to wait until after the 1st of the year on a fertility monitor, so I'll let you know if she has any money left after Xmas.



bdantonio - December 17

ronda have the eve told u yu cant concive?



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