low projesterone help
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lisa13 - October 16

Hi got bfp today yea. prog at 7.5 should i be concerned


bdantonio - October 17

i was told anything under 10-12 for progestrone that you could m/c


lisa13 - October 17

Dear Beth;

Thanks for your info; I shared with my nurse and she did not agree;


bdantonio - October 17

I hope the nurse is right but i have had 5 m/c and everytime my progestrone was 10 or lower


JENNY22074 - October 17

Hey Lisa - I just thought I woudl do a little research for you to maybe help you out a little bit. According to the website Just Mommies normal progesterone levels for the first trimester are anywhere between 9 and whatever. It does say that most doctors like to see a minimum of 10 during the first few weeks of pregnancy. They said that there is no upper end to progesterone levels in pregnancy. I hope this helps. I do remember that during my first pregnancy in 2000 mine never went above 6 and my doctor wanted it to be at least 8 to start with. That pregnancy ended with a blighted ovum and I had ot have a d&c. But as I said my progesterone level never made it to 8 where my doctor would not have been as concerned. He also sated to me then that he had seen women with low progesterone levels go on to have normal healthy pregnancies. Also just to let you know that my HCG also was not doubling as it should have either. I really hope this helps you out a little and puts your mind somewhat at ease. Talk to you later.


lisa13 - October 18

Dear Jenny;

THank you so much for taking the time to do that for me. I really appreciate it.
I have decide to not worry about it; stay positive and keep say healthy happy baby in my belly; I also received a swift talking to from my bestfriend for me to try to be happy and stay positive so that is what I am going to do. My b/w is in an hour so I am going to get ready forge on.

Thanks for the support!!! How are you doing- 16weeks? what does that feel like?
I bet amazing- your an inspiration

Have a great day- ill post later with my results today
all my best


JENNY22074 - October 18

Lisa - no complaints at 16 weeks. Yes amazing would be a great word for it. Just different looking really is all. I am a heavier person to begin with so my belly is starting to round so I don't just look fat anymore. Weird things going on with the skin. Bloody noses some mornings, bleeding gums every tooth brushing, and increased CM that had me rushing to the labor and delivery thinking I was leaking fluids. Very interesting time of the pregnancy. Best wishes and you are in my prayers today. Talk to you soon. Thank you very much for you compliments they meant a lot. I am just trying to put your mind at ease a little. Take care!!!


lisa13 - October 18

Hey Jen-

yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beta at 950 and progesterone at 13.8


JENNY22074 - October 18

YIPPEEEE!!!!!!! - I am so happy for you Lisa!!!!! That is awesome that it is up and seems to be almost doubling like the one website said it would possibly do early in pregnancy. I bet you feel 100% better!!!!


lisa13 - October 18

thanks honey!!! im exhausted-- going to sleep!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for support


JENNY22074 - October 18

Anytime you needed someone in your corner to do what was right and help you out at a low point instead of make it worse and scare you half to death. So what are they doing next? When is your u/s? All will be okay. You and I both have miracle troopers inside and that is all that matters. Things are going to be all right. Good nite and good dreams tonight!!!! Did you do a dance? Have you written the "other one" yet? Talk to you later.


mjforney - October 18

Lisa... I am so happy for your new beta...

Did you build a myspace account yet? Lol!!!


JENNY22074 - October 18

Michelle - are you on myspace? I am under Jenny Stine in Hanover Pennsylvania. I always like having new friends. Plus if you and Lisa both have accounts it will certainly be easier to talk.


lisa13 - October 18

love you guys talk to you tommorrow


JENNY22074 - October 18

Lisa - much love to you and your miracle now get some darn sleep. LOL!!!!! ;D


mjforney - October 19

Much love to you both... I am so tired but my hubby and I are up trying to assemble our new sleep number bed! I cant wait to sleep on it tonight and watch survivor since I tevo'd it! :)

I am on myspace, I will try and find you. I am trying to get Lisa to build a page. We may have to tag team on her! Lol!

I am going on right now to find ya! :)

xoxoxoxo M


lisa13 - October 19

okay give me directions but u too are only people I know on my space. THis forum was a big step so you going to have to walk me through it. When do i get my due date; i go back monday for bw. jenny, when is your due date have you gotten yours michelle



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