IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - May 6

Lisa - No I did not have any back pain. I have been lucky with this pregnancy - especially given how overweight I am.



RB - May 6

Hi Girls!

Wow! so much to catch up on! My internet has been down off and on for the last few days so i've missed chatting with you!

Debbie - i'm so happy for you that your tests were good. At least one less thing to worry about!

Jen - congrats on the numbers...it might just be multiples after all!

Lisa - congrats on crossing the 12wk mark...i am so relieved to hear that both twins are doing well...that little one is a fighter and from everything the others have said about one twin usually being a little smaller i think you have a lot to feel positive about.

Lyly - your appointment is right around the corner...finally!!! It's strange how much loyalty we feel towards our doctors...i wonder if they give us as much thought?

Marina - have a great trip and try to relax and stay positive. I know how much of a financial strain this is - my insurance doesnt cover infertility treatments either but my doctor used different codes when filling the forms so i could claim for them. I hope you get a break wit your Ins. Co at least for the tests.

Julie - i'm glad to hear that you and baby are ok though i am concerned about your spotting with no clear reason. I hope they get to the bottom of it soon.

Ronda - happy shopping and gardening! and congrats on the end of your 1st trimester!

And girls, i know some of you have some tests or appointments on the 14th...that's my birthday so only good things can happen on that day...i will make a special wish for you all on my special day :)

I have my next doctor's visit tomorrow...i cant wait to see my little munchkin tomorrow. I have to admit though that i worry constantly since my recent scare...the u/s right now is my greatest comfort...i plan to have one every month.

I'll let you know how things go tomorrow.



lyly14 - May 6

Julie- She was very nice about it but I could hear her tone change when she said "oh do you have an appointment with someone else?" I politely said yes and she was very accomodating trying to work out getting me and dh to sign release forms and make the copies without me having to travel. However, it didn't work out because I don't have access to a fax and the mail takes too long. She told me she will make the copies and I can sign the release forms when I pick them up, but that means I have to drag dh so I think I will run up there on my lunch to get the papers and drop them off when I pick up the copies. Oh well it is done.

Reshma- Finally in the second trimester. Yeah! Are you going for any of the screenings the other girls are having?

Marina- Have a great trip. Who knows maybe my Fet will be around the same time as yours.


Jules614 - May 6

Reshma - Good luck at your appointment tomorrow.

Lyly - I am glad you are getting your records. It is for the best.



Marina - May 6

Hi guys!
thank you for good wishes.And I'm going to miss you!Maybe I'll have acess to internet on my trip and if not,Il'' talk to all of you later!


Jules614 - May 6

Marina - where are you going and how long will you be gone?



vw79girl - May 7

Reshma, I know what you mean about ultrasounds being your greatest comfort. I feel exactly the same way. :) I am more than anxious for tomorrow's appt. to do the Nucal. Are you having any screenings coming up? I am hoping my testing ends here and that you and all of the other girls are right and everything is okay. I guess my biggest fear is that at almost 13 weeks, what will happen exactly if things are wrong. Trying to think positive but it's that small pessimist in me. Hopefully I am as fortunate as Debbie with this screening.

Let us know how your appt. went.

Marina~ hope you have a great time on your trip!!! relax and enjoy! :)

Lyly, don't worry about how they feel about you asking for your records. I had that happen twice to me, once when I switched OB's(thank goodness I did, as the old place did nothing to help with my infertility) and a second time when I switched Primary Care Psycians. It's tough sometimes but in the end you gotta do what is best for YOU. :)



JasJulesMom - May 7

Marina-Have a great trip and try to relax.

Lyly-Don't worry what they think. In the end you believe you are doing the best for you and that is all that matters. Not to sound harsh, but you are probably now just a fleeting thought to the, do not give them the benefit of your anxiety.

Lisa-Good luck tomorrow. I know what you girls mean about the u/s. I hav a regular OB appt tomorrow and probably will not have an u/s. I suspect they will just use the doppler. Which is exciting too. I have seen the baby's heart pumping so many times, I am excited to finally hear it.

Ronda- How did the flower shopping go?

Reshema-How are you feeling now. Anymore problems? Are you back to work?


vw79girl - May 7

Debbie, is this just your appt. where they weigh you etc? If they can't hear the hb with the doppler, that is usually when they do the u/s. That is how I lucked out with having one last week. Hearing the h/b is so cool, it almost sounds like a swishing of the washing machine. In a couple of weeks you will start to feel the kicking! :)

Julie/anyone...ever done prenatal Yoga? and if so, how was it?



Jules614 - May 7

Lisa -

No prenatal yoga for me. I tried yoga before being pregnant and it was too slow for me. I am more into kick boxing.



vw79girl - May 7

lol, Julie, maybe that is why Kaitlyn kicks so much. :)


Jules614 - May 7

vw79girl - nah - Kaitlyn is evil and likes to kick me when I am already nauscious. Yesterday, she put the final nail in the coffin as I ran to teh toilet!!!



RB - May 7

Hi girls,

Baby and I are great! The heartbeat was strong at 161 and baby was waving at us and kicking up a storm..i am so relieved! :) based on the measurements my doctor said the due date looks more like the 8th but we are sticking with the 16th for the time being...dh is convinced that baby will be born on the 12th, his birthday...which is smack in the middle of the two dates!

My doctor recommended that i continue working from home for at least another month as i have a one hr commute to the office. I'm thinking of just taking some vacation so i can finally start to enjoy my pregnancy.

As for the screening tests...he suggested we do a blood test and then determine what if any prenatal tests we need to do. Based on my age (36 next week!) he thinks the risk of abnormalities is very low in addition to which we have no family history of genetic disorders...he scheduled the screening for next Monday.

I am not very worried about the screening because even if they find something wrong it wouldnt change anything. I want this baby for better or worse :)

Lisa - good luck tomorrow although i am sure everything will be fine.

To the rest of you girls, thank you for your concern, support and good wishes.

Talk to you all soon.



JasJulesMom - May 7

Lisa- My OB appt tomorrow is just my regular visit. Which is weird to say since us girls with fertility problems do not usually get to call a visit regular. I am afraid of what the scale is going to say. Since I am almost 15 weeks, I think he will be able to hear the heart beat with the doppler, although another peek would have been nicer. I will let you know if he yells at me for my weight. Good luck to you tomorrow and enjoy seeing your two beautiful babies.

Reshema- Glad you are feeling well. Is the baby measuring bigger and that is why they think your due dat is earlier?


JasJulesMom - May 7

Oh by the way, how many of you girls are going to ask to know the gender of your baby when you go for the anatomy u./s.

I was telling people I am counting the days until I know and so many people were saying they rather be suprised!!


Jules614 - May 7

Reshma - Glad everything is going well. I have several friends who had children at 38 (seems to be the lucky number) and none had any complications.




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