2 week wait - symptoms
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Red - August 29

cdad~Welcome back! I wondered if everything was alright as I hadn't seen your posts lately. Your numbers sound great and it sounds like things are moving along in a positive direction. I'm so excited for you!! My transfer was on July 29 and when I went in for my u/s, they said I was 6 weeks and 4 days. Tomorrow I will be 7 weeks. They told me they add two weeks (kind of like you're pregnant before you know it ;D) but I don't know anything official on delivery date. They just checked to make sure I had a sac, fetal pole, and looked to see if they could see the heartbeat or hear it. Unfortunately I didn't get the heartbeat so I got a little upset. They (& others on here) told me that was normal and that I had to go back on Tuesday for my 2nd u/s. I agree with you and everyone else that the 2ww seems like a piece of cake compared to this wait until the end of the 1st trimester! I'm a ball of nerves. How are you feeling? Jenny and I have been comparing symptoms and it sounds like we're in the same boat with our inconsistent symptoms. How are yours? Glad to hear from you again! Been praying all is well and I'm glad it is!


Nix - August 29

Hi All,
I went to the RE today for my mid-cycle ultra sound and I have two large follices (1.9 and 2.0), so I should ovulate any day now. Looks like the IUI will be Friday!
Please pray for me that it works this time!


Red - August 29

Nix~Great news! Glad to hear you'll be heading to IUI on Friday. I will definitely pray for positive results! Just keep thinking positive and praying yourself! GOOD LUCK and lots and lots of babydust!!!!


JENNY22074 - August 29

Kudos Nix - We will be right here with you once again praying and hoping and wishing for a BFP!!!!! Hope all goes well!


cdad0207 - August 29

Thanks Jenny and Red, I appreciate the words of encouragement. :) So it definitely sounds like your progress fluctuates, huh? I guess with each u/s they determine how far along you are? Weird, because we all know when it was implanted!! (obviously :))That is what blows my mind :) I am excited to hear that you add 2 weeks...if that is the case, then I should be close to 6 weeks!!!! 1/2 way through that first trimester!!! I just cannot wait. M/C stay on my mind unfortunately, I obviously do my best not to stress it, but they seem more and more common the more stories that you hear. I pray that each and every one of us have a successful pregnancy, we deserve it after all that each of us have been through!

As far as my symptoms...I had period cramps about a week or two after transfer, and they lasted for a good week. More in the am than in the pm, seemed like after a good nights rest they were stronger....they have faded off now. I started feeling tired about 1 1/2 weeks ago...sometimes where I don't feel like I can hold my eyes open anymore!! But its not consistent necessarily, some days are better than others. I had my first case of nausea yesterday am, I didn't actually 'throw up' but had a very watery mouth, today my stomach has definitely been on edge, very nauseaus throughout the day today. I hope its a 'good thing'....strong symptoms scare me as well as my aunt went through a m/c where her body rejected the pregnancy and she had pretty strong symptoms as well.

Have to do our best to stay positive and enjoy being pregnant right now! We have all been wishing for it for so long, so we have to put it in the hands of a higher power and stay content with whatever happens! I hope the best for everyone!!!


JENNY22074 - August 29

Cdad0207 - That is the absolute hard part. Staying positive and not worrying. But we shall conquer that as well. Heck, we are going to be mommies that is all that matters at this point. Yeah I think the actual due date will come from the OB tomorrow. I will let you all know what to expect on your first OB appointment so you can be a littel prepared. Talk to you all soon.


Red - August 29

cdad~Yes, it seems weird that they can tell you a due date that is a couple weeks different than when you were implanted, but at least you are a couple weeks further along than you thought! I was happy about that too! Unfortunately I can't tell you what happens at the various u/s appts. yet, but I know Jenny can. I have just had my 1st one and then my 2nd one will be Tuesday. I am praying so desperately for a heartbeat and will be absolutely devestated if there isn't one!! I am definitely trying not to be too concerned with what symptoms I do or don't have because it just makes me a nervous wreck (more than I already am). I do keep looking when I go to the bathroom every time (as Jenny mentioned she does also) to make sure there's no blood or other fluid. I guess that's just habit from last time. I can't remember, did you have one or two embryos implanted?


cdad0207 - August 29

I had two embryos implanted....I would welcome twins, but I just don't know how I could afford it!!!! This (infertility) is definitely an expense that we never put in our "plan" so it definitely took us off track. I have the biggest loan ever, but as long as this pregnancy keeps going in the right direction, that is the ONE check I will write with a smile each and every month! :)

You definitely can't stress the symptoms, its so much easier said than done though. I know my mom and grandmother swear that they had no symptoms, while mine feel more prominent. I am just anxious for Friday, I am hoping that I will get good news, however I think I will be in the same boat as you are (Red) as it will be too early for a heartbeat...we just have to keep our fingers crossed and say our prayers.

All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Red, can't wait for Tuesday, it'll be an exciting day, I am sure! Jenny, you'll definitely have to update us on your delivery date, good luck!!!!


Red - August 29

cdad~I hear you about it' easier said than done! Jenny has been a wonderful cheerleader and keeping me upbeat, but I was very disappointed when I didn't see a heartbeat last week. I was at 6 weeks and 4 days so they said it might have been too early. Some people do see it then, but they reassured me that it could be fine. I also understand about the expense infertility is. I never expected it to be this high and honestly never expected to be in this predicament. I did get lucky that my insurance covers the meds so all we have to pay for is the procedure, but that's still hefty! I will pray your appointment will go perfect on Friday. You might be far enough along that they'll see one so I'll pray you do! Hope your feelings of sickness either go away or stay moderate!!


Red - August 29

Hey Jenny~How did you get that ticker to post on your profile? I tried it but it doesn't seem to want to work. I think it's operator error as I'm not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to computer stuff :P


JENNY22074 - August 29

Right now the babygaga sight is down so my ticker is not posting. You highlight to copy the one for forums. They should have several codes to copy the ticker with. Most likely the 1st one is for a myspace profile. I will definitely tell you all what to expect with your OB. And Red you know you have just as much been a cheerleader to these ladies as I have. Just been through it a lot longer then some. You will be fine also. I haev always been told that the heartbeat can be seen at 6.5weeks. So hang in there your miracle will not disappoint you on Tuesday.


Red - August 29

Jenny~I tried going to the lilypie website but I didn't know where to copy and paste it. Where did you put the text from babygaga in your profile? Thank you also for the encouragement for Tuesday. I know in my head that you (& others) have said that 6.5 weeks is the norm (some see it sooner/later) but my heart is saying that it's nervous. I hope everything is fine on Tuesday because I'm not sure how I'll handle anything else. Anyway, I'm going to be away from the computer over the weekend (camping in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan with family and friends) so I will be anxiously awaiting the information on your appointment Friday.


JENNY22074 - August 29

Red - I hit eneter a few times under my signature and pasted it there. Have a safe trip this weekend. Hope to hear from you all tomorrow. I am going to the OB for the first time at 9:45am so I will be updating in the afternoon sometime. Kind of weirded out not going to the fertility center anymore. Don't know what to expect from this doctor. In a way it is kind of scary. The same group of doctors have been looking down there for 6 years now and now a new person is taking over. Hard to get used to. Just pray that the baby is at top notch like he/she has been and taht nothing has gone wrong since stopping the estrogen and prgesterone. Still looking when I go to the bathroom and nothing. I know Red I will be fine and the baby is fine also. It is just hard to think that way until you are totally out of the woods. I keep saying 3 more weeks. Then I will give myself something else to worry about. LOL!!! Good night mommies, babies and those who are waiting.


mj - August 30

Hey Jenny, is today your OB appt?? I am anxiously awaiting how it went!! I completely understand how scary it is to be out of the hands of your RE and with someone new. I haven't found exactly who I will be going to and I am a nervous wreck. My RE and the entire office staff are so great and I will actually be sad to leave them. I wish they could be with me the whole way through! Are you seeing a high risk doctor? My RE recommended that I go to a maternal/fetal specialist so I am looking for one in my area.

Red~ I hope you enjoy your weekend vacationing! I bet it will help you to relax and just have a good time with your hubby and friends.

cdad~ CONGRATS!!! I haven't gotten a chance to tell you that yet. That is such exciting news and I think your levels look great! Just when the count down from the 2WW is over you begin a whole new one for the 1st trimester!! I am sure once that is over there is something else!

Nix~ I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow during your IUI! Just think positively and relax!!

We received more crazy news yesterday at our RE's office... our triplets are actually ALL identical! They even sent us to a maternal/fetal specialist for a second opinion and another u/s and he confirmed that they are all from one embryo and are all in one amniotic sac! So, this first tremester is REALLY scary for us, they say that vanishing twin syndrome can still happen up until the end of the 1st trimester so we are ready to get past that. My hubby is elated and thinks it is the biggest blessing ever! I am super thrilled but a little nervous... I just want my body to be able to get them here healthy! The specialist went over all the complications and it really made it real for me, it is going to be a challenge... especially b/c I am a small person to begin with. But I am healthy so I am just going to eat well and relax... I know God brought us here and He will see us through!

Well, anyone out there that I missed I hope you are doing well!


Nix - August 30

MJ - OMG, that is amazing!! Congrats on the triplets! I can't believe that they are all identical! WOW! I'm sure you are thrilled and I'm sure they will all be fine and healthy.

Jenny - where are you?? We are all on the edge of our seats waiting to see how your OB appointment went!! Come on!!!!!

Red - hope everythings ok with you?!?

As for me, I am going for my IUI tomorrow and then again on Saturday, so fingers crossed!



JENNY22074 - August 30

Mj - How crazy is that?!?!? All identical!!!!! WOW! I just could not imagine and I am a bigger woman to begin with. I actually decided on my own because of having gastric bypass in 2005 and 2 m/c that I would go to a high risk doctor just to be safe. I am going to a perinatal specialist and she is so funny. My hisband is in love with her. I could not have picked a better doctor just by looking at a picture and credentials. Since I had the u/s 2 days ago they did not do another one. I go back in 4 weeks. God that is a long time for me to try to not go insane. Other then that I guess they really base their visit on your last u/s. She will do a pelvic exam on me every visit because of a LEEP procedure I had in 1999. She is not concerned about in being a problem just wants to keep an eye on it. I go on Saturday to do the prenatal screen so I have to do that 1 hour nasty sugar test already for diabetes. They gave me free samples of many prenatal vitamins. I also got a welcome prenatal folder with magazines, the dos and donts of pregnancy eating and what type of medicines I can use over the counter for the flu, cold, allergies etc... I was in there for 2 hours almost. She talked to us about how the practice runs and what to expect from her as our doctor. Then we were examined and then she talked to us again. Blood pressure was great today 116/76. So all is well. She did tell us that between weeks 11 and 15 I can go for a special u/s to test for downs syndrome or I can wait until week 16 to do a blood test. These are all choice not mandatory. So we do have a couple things to think about. All in all in went pretty good and the only thing that was disappointing was not hearing the heartbeat. They said because of me being bigger that it would be hard to place the heartbeat right now with the doppler. So I was okay with that. Well that was my experience. NOthing like your will be I am sure since there are three. Good luck in your search for your doctor. Talk to you all later.



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