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miracle2happen - February 6 5:59pm


i had two 3bb grade blasts transferred on day-5. i'm worried about it's success. what do you think are my chances?

Dr Smith - February 7 8:32am

Well, we like to see 3AA and 4AA on Day 5, BUT I've seen many, many pregnancies from the transfer of two 3BB grade blastocyst stage embryos. I can't predict your chances of success very well without knowing your age, but, if you're under 40, I'd ballpark your chances at around 40-50%. Hang in there.

miracle2happen - February 7 1:26pm

hi dr. smith,

thank you for your response. both my dh and i are 38 yo. this was my 2nd ivf w/ icsi, which resulted in neg beta today. my first ivf (day-3 transfers with 3 embies-10cell, 8cell, 8cell) also resulted in neg. with no other medical problems, we don't know the reason for the failure. what questions should we be addressing the re about these failures? should i even consider trying another ivf cycle?

Dr Smith - February 8 7:45am

I think its time to evaluate uterine factors. I would suggest testing for immunological problems (i.e. increased Natural Killer (NK) cell number and abnormal NK cell activation). In addition, I think you should consider testing for clotting problems as well. You can speak to your doctor about this testing. In the meantime, to can read more about it at Follow the link for NK cells.


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