post mature eggs
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jb - April 12

Not sure what to think about my current cycle and how to avoid it if there is a next time. First off I have only one ovary (PCOS) and endo. No tubes. I was given 75iu gonal f and 75 iu pergonal and cetrotide. My gonal f was reduced to 35iu after 4 days and my pergonal was reduced to 35iu after 6 days. I stimmed for 8 days before receiving trigger. At retrieval I had 9 eggs retrieved. Out of the 9 eggs 6 were post mature and 3 were mature. With ICSI 3 fertilized. My doctor took them to blast in which 2 made it. One was graded 4AB (4being best) and the other was graded a 2.
I was quite shocked I had so many post mature eggs this cycle and wonder what it would have been that caused this. My first cycle they kept me at 75iu gonal f and 75iu pergonal for the 8 days. They were able to retrieve 10 mature eggs inwhich 9 fertilized but only 2 made it to blast. One good one and one early one. I got pg on that cycle but miscarried early on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not sure how to proceed here. ??? I am 31 and dh is 33 with no sperm issues.


Dr Smith - April 13

Are you sure about the six eggs being classified as "post-mature"? That seems unlikely since your stimulation was one day shorter than the recommended minimum of nine days. Did you mean "immature" rather than "post-mature"?


jb - April 13

I definately mean post mature. Day 4 , I had atleast 10 follicles, et level was 471 and my largest follicle was at 13mm. That is when they reduced the gonal f to half. At day 6 my et level was 857 and my largest follicle was 16mm, and she said I had atleast 10 follicles, that is when they reduced my pergonal to half and I started cetrotide. Day 8 my largest follicle was 19mm, but they did not give me et level, just triggered me that night. Just to be clear on how many days I stimmed. I took bc pill for a month (no lupron) started hormones on March 28 and triggered on April 4. Retrieval was on April 6.


Dr Smith - April 13

Sorry, but I'm not sure how to advise you. For starters, you had a very, very low level of stimulation medication, which is unusual. Perhaps your doctor was thinking that because you only have one ovary that you require less medication, but that doesn't really make sense medically. On top of that, the stimulation phase was short. According to my calculations, you only received 7 days of medication (triggered on Day 8 before your took your medication). Furthermore, to classify the eggs as "postmature" seems strange under these circumstances. The term "postmature" usually refers to eggs that are retrieved following a prolonged stimulation (i.e. >12 days). Honestly, I would seek a second opinion from another Reproductive Endocrinologist about your stimulation. This doesn't sound right to me.



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