Hard to know when enough is enough

When do you stop exploring techniques and treatments? When do you stop hoping that this will be the test that will explain the problem? You want to move on, you want to grieve, but you're stuck in a state of limbo.

You're educated

Here is what you need to keep in mind:

you're doing everything you can

you're seeing the right doctor

you read everything you can get your hands on and you ask questions

you're an educated patient

Some medical conditions and diseases just can't be explained

The term, "unexplained infertility," is a simple reflection of the fact that medical science has limitations. The current technology can't reveal the cause of your inability to conceive.

The good news is that according to the Canadian Infertility Therapy Evaluation Study, 30-year-old patients with unexplained infertility of 3-4 years duration have a 13.6% chance of becoming pregnant within six months with no treatment. 


Table of Contents
1. Medical Limits
2. Stuck in medical limbo
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