Success Story: WE Beat The Odds!

My husband and I had it all planned out since the day he proposed. We would get married, wait a few years and start a family of our own. Sounds simple huh? We thought so too.

On our two year wedding anniversary we decided to start officially trying for a baby. For the first couple of months, we used opk's, charted and had fun with it. After a few months of this, I started to get worried.

I had always had spotting in between periods and irregular cycles. So, to play it safe, I went to my OBGYN and told him that we wanted to have some infertility tests done. My husband thought I was totally over-reacting. However, I went through testing and one surgery to rule out any problems. All tests came back normal with me.

My doctor said the only test left to do was a semen analysis for my husband. He reluctantly went for the test and we were shocked with the results. Good sperm count, almost NO normal sperm shapes. We consulted more doctors and a Fertility specialist who all told us that with those types of numbers, we would most likely never conceive on our own (we were actually quoted 1% chance of this).

We were so upset and jumped right into fertility treatments advised by the doctors. Clomid, drugs, IUI's and thousands of dollars later...still no baby. Every month more painful than the last.

By this time we consulted our doctor on what to do next , and she said IVF was probably our only option. But this was so expensive. What if this final attempt didn't work? What would we do then? We decided we needed a break from all of this.

That month, we tried not to even talk about babies or more options. We prayed a lot and asked God to guide us in the right direction.

At the end of the month my period never came. I delayed buying a pregnancy test because I had been disappointed so many times. When I finally got up the courage to take the test I layed it on the bathroom floor and watched the two dark pink lines appear on the little tiny window.

I thought I was dreaming!! I fell to my knees in tears and thanked God for this miracle!!!

I am now five months pregnant and couldn't be happier. I remember reading these success stories when I was really struggling and feeling down. Each one made me truly believe that one day it would happen for me too!

This whole experience has made me realize that even when doctors tell you something is impossible, hold onto your faith. Medicine and drugs and technology can only take you so far. I think that life's greatest miracles happen when we put ourselves in God's hands.

Good luck to everyone!

Chrissy, United States