Success Story: Trying To Stay Pregnant

My husband and I have tried IVF 3 times and and failed. Now on our 4th try, had a frozen embryo transfer on June 29, 2006. We finally got the positive pregnancy test results we were anxiously waiting for. Boy were we excited! My hcg levels doubled and it was a confirmed positive result. We went to our first scheduled ultrasound on the last week of July to check on the heartbeat. The ultrasound only showed a sac. They scheduled us for another ultrasound for the following week, in hopes that by then the heartbeat would be beating. Finally, we went to the next appointment yestereday to hear the famous heartbeat, and no sign of baby or heartbeat. They said I might have a chemical pregnancy. They gave me another blood test to confirm my pregnancy results and now my husband and I are waiting for those test results today. We are so devastated. This has been an emotional roller coaster ride from the beginning. Your whole life revolves around the fertility drugs, the do's and don'ts, and the waiting. If the results are negative, our IVF journey ends here. This has drained us emotionally for more than a year and I feel like I have to get back to being my happy, silly self again. I cannot allow this to take over any longer and just let it go. If it was meant to be it would happen. The good thing is I have 2 prior children from my previous marriage, but the downside is that my husband came into the marriage with no kids. I'm blessed to know he loves them both as if they were his own and he knows I tried more than I thought I would.

Alina, United States