Success Story: Trusting God's Promises

After 5 years of marriage and 2+ years trying to concieve, my husband and I sought the assistance of a fertility specialist. The first step was Clomid. This was not effective for us because, as we later found out, my husband has a low count and low motility. The next logical step was IVF with ICSI. Everything went great every step of the way. We had plenty of mature eggs at the time of egg retrieval and all but one fertilized and matured to the blastocyst stage. We had the transfer and suffered through that long 2 week wait during the Thanksgiving holiday (which was a great distraction) only to find out that we were not pregnant. This was a suprise to me being only 28 and a healthy woman. As most of you probably already know, fertility treatments can be very expensive and the fact that both my and my husbands insurance cover 100% of everything has been a blessing all in itself. Because of this we were able to try again immediately. Just yesterday we went in for a Frozen embryo transfer with 2 of our 5 frozen embryos. This time, while there are shots and patches to deal with, the overall process was much less invasive. I feel confident that we will concieve this time. Not because of anything that we (me, my husband or the doctors) have done, but because this time I am not leaving God out of the equation. It took a good friend to tell me what a winning team God and I are. So now I remain prayful knowing that my miracles (I'm expecting to get pregnant with twins:) are developing inside me as I type this message. To all couples who are going through a similar situation now, I encourage you to remain prayful and all things will work out just as they should. Good luck and keep praying!

A child of God, United States