Success Story: They Gave Us No Hope

My husband was diagnosed as being completely infertile i.e instead of the usual 250 million sperm he had less than 10 in his sample. We were referred for ICSI but then told that in our extreme case the sperm would have to be taken directly from the testicles via a biopsy (whilst I undergo IVF treatment)in the hope that they may find some sperm to incubate. We were told by our doctors that in all likelihood we were wasting our money. They found sperm and performed ICSI and then put three eggs back into me. One of the eggs took and I went on to have a healthy baby girl. The story does not end there! Two years later, we underwent all of the above procedures and I went on to have a healthy baby boy. My message is never give up hope and have faith even when it seems that all doors are being closed. God always finds a way. Wishing you all the success in the world.

Kellie Storan, Ireland