Success Story: The Waiting Game

Well I was diagnosed with POS a few months back and discussed with my OBGYN my options. I did a lot of blood work, ulta sounds, HSG, pelvic exams to see if there was any other problems. When everything else looked normal I started taking the Clomid. Then I started taking ovulations kits every day and finally I got a Smiley face stating that I was ovulating. So I called my doctor and went in the following morning to do the IUI. That went pretty smoothly. Then the doctor told me to come back in a week to do a blood test to check my Progerterone levels and then a week after that to take a pregnancy test. But I am not a person that likes to wait for results on things so major... SO I went to the 99cent store in town and bought a pregnacy test. It said I can take 7-10 days after conception and it was the 6th day that I took it and it came out I guess I learned my lesson. Patience probably would have payed off but since I did not want to wait it gave me a negative test result. Since the IUI I had like abdominal tightness for a few days and now I feel almost like I am PMSing but I am going to go in a week to do a blood pregnancy test to see if I am really not pregnant. But I pray to God that I am because that would be the best Christmas present ever! So we shall see

Shauntay, United States