Success Story: Taking Ovulex

I had a miscarriage in January of 2005 and I was 5 wks. In May of 2005 I got pregnant again and went into early labor in Oct of 2005. It didn't take me any time to conceive my daugther in May. All I did was take cough syrup and drink plenty of water. Now I have been try to get pregnant for 8 months now. Its hard when you want to have a child of your own. One day I went to the store and I found Frtility Blend. I started taking it right away and it messed up my cycle big time. So I let my cycle get back to normal and I started taking Ovulex. I have been taking Ovulex for about 4wks and I have seen a great improvement in my cycle. I am usually 35-36. But this time I was 32 days. So I think that Ovulex will work for me. I bought 3 bottles. I have 4 pills left in the first bottles and 2 full bottles left. I am not going to give up at all. I have faith in Ovulex.

Tiffany, United States