Success Story: Still Trying But Hopeful

Me & my husband have been married almost 5 years - we've been together almost 10 years. We are blessed with a beautiful healthy daughter who will be 3 on Thursday April 12th. We conceived her the first month we decided to try to get pregnant - we were very lucky to have conceived so quickly. Being it was so easy for us to conceive the first time, we felt we'd wait until our daughter was almost 2 to try for our second baby, thinking it was going to be easy to get pregnant the second time around. Well we thought wrong. We tried for 7 months and finally got pregnant last June of 2006. We lost the baby after 7 weeks. The baby stopped growing at about 5 weeks and I had a complete miscarriage at 7 weeks - no D&C was necessary. We are still trying to conceive. Another 7 months have gone by. I recently got an HSG exam done and everything looked great, I was ok. So we are just praying and hoping for the best. I have a friend who bought a fertility monitor and got pregnant the first month she used it. So she is letting me borrow it. I'm hoping something comes out of it. We have been really upset about the whole thing. And the sad part is, 4 days after we lost the baby we found out my sister was pregnant. Very happy for her but sad for us b/c my baby would have been born already, so now we are waiting for my sister's daughter to be born- she is due within the next few days. It's not as easy to get pregnant as everyone thinks it is. And it definitely wasn't easy for us the second time around like we had thought it was going to be. I guess it is true, every pregnancy is different and the amount of time it takes for you to get pregnant definitely varies as well. It only took us the 1st month to conceive with our daughter and then it took us 7 months to conceive and then 2 months later lost the baby and now 7 months later still trying. So it's not easy. But my thoughts and prayers are with everyone. I know how you're all feeling. Baby dust to all!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri, United States