Success Story: Still Trying

I have had a long two years trying to have a little one of my own. I tried IVF the first time and nothing the eggs did not connect to the sperm. I cried and said we will try again. Then we tried again it was great, pregnant with twins, then 4 months into the pregnancy miscarriage. I was devastated. But on the good side I had 12 eggs left and tried frozen after frozen after frozen nothing. Believe me when I say that I feel your pain ladies. One day my husband said to me lets try a fresh cycle again and I said one more try. During the IVF cycle everything was going good and then I had over stimulated. I had something like 40 eggs and they retrieved 32 of them and 31 took. So of course I wanted to continue the process. Then my doctor told me the bad new that my ovaries were huge and my stomach was starting to fill with liquid. She would not put them back in. So now I wait I had all the eggs frozen but now who knows if it will work. But I am a fighter and I will not give up trying. So please pray for me and my family.

Korie Addams, United States