Success Story: Standing On His Promises

I must first say that truly there are no coincidences in the ways of God. Hello, I am a 39 year old who along with my husband, Anthony are going through our second IUI cycle with the HCG injection this evening and the IUIs tomorrow & Friday. This afternoon, I came home from work and felt compelled to literally cry out to God that I am standing on his promises as writtin in His Word. Although I always seek his face, this felt different as I literally "gave" it all to Him and a peace came over me. As I purused the Internet, I searched for IUI success stories....after I read the 1st account of faith, my eyes filled up and tears overflowed. All I can say is that your stories of hope and faith have served as confirmation that WE truly serve an awesome God. Thank you for sharing your stories. Be bountifully blessed!

Dena, United States