Success Story: So Much Heartache

My husband I are have been married a little over a year. Befor we were married we did nothing to prevent pregnancy for 2 years and nothing happened. After the wedding we decided to get serious about it and after trying to conceive for 3 months on our own we found out that my husband has a really low sperm count due to hypothyroidism. After staring treatment for it we really thought things were getting better but after some tests recently we found out that his sperm count is probably just getting worse. I still have faith that we're just in the begining and that there are a lot of options out there for us but it all seems so distant and expensive and I don't know if we cound ever afford IVF or anything else. I can't take the heartache and dissappointment any more. I'm literally dying inside a little. Epecially when we hear that it's happening to every one around us. His brother and his wife weren't even trying and did not even want another baby right now and they just had a beautiful baby boy. A friend of ours found out she was pregnant and was devisted about it, about 6 weeks ago I had a false positive on a pregnancy test and we were so excited thinking that it was all over, we hugged, we cried, we were relieved. We talked about not telling anyone until Christmas as a surprise. But it turned out to be just that: a false positive. Then yesterday, on Christamas we found out that our cousins surprised every one with the news that THEY were pregnant. Exactly what we were planning on doing, they did instead. It just all seems so unfair and I can't believe that God would be this cruel to us. Every one says "it'll happen when it's time" or "Just have faith" "when God's ready". I'm sick to my heart abuot all of this and I'm here now just looking for comfort from people who are in the same boat or who were and have a positive story to tell me about how they dealt with male infertility. Any shred of hope would be appreciated because no one around us understands it fully and how painful all of this is for us.

Elizabeth, United States