Success Story: Second IVF Success

After trying for 5 years, they could find nothing wrong with my husband or I. I am currently 32 and my husband 33 years old. One previous abortion over 10 years ago. BIGGEST mistake of my life!! I regret it to this day. Back to the current problems with fertilty. It was unexplained infertility. The only abnormal lab was an inhibin B less than 7. I had all labs, HSG, exp lap, SIS, and many other tests come back normal. All sperm tests were normal as well. I had a total of 7 unsuccessful IUIs. We moved on to IVF and only ended up with two good fertilized eggs that were only four cells. They were transferred after only two days with no success. We waited over a year to move to the second IVF. We decided to go to a different RE this time that told me I might be sensitive to the lupron and my protocol involved NO LUPRON on 2nd cycle. I used Bravelle 225 IU and Menopur 75 IU. We ended up with only 2 fertilized eggs once again, 8cell(Grade A) and 5 cell(Grade B-). Well, two weeks later we got a positive Beta at 120. It is a total blessing from God. We praise Him and give total thanks. We await our first ultrasound on Sept 14, 2007 to find out if it is one or TWO babies! Please never give up hope. God does answer all prayers in his own timing. Worry about nothing, pray about everything. I know, easier said than done. I thought I would never be pregnant and that I was being punished. God forgives when you ask Him to. Please never give up hope.

Janie, United States