Success Story: Praying For Time

I am now 38 - previous years 2002-2004 we used clomid, monitored cycles and had 2 IUI's with no success. They investigated futher with laproscopic surgery & I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage IV in 2004 - we decided to go into IVF treatments immediately - the first try I was over-medicated at the time I was age 36 and that dosage was recommended for that age range. 2nd try still overdosed but 28 eggs were retrived and IVF procedure was performed. 3 fertilized inseminated with still no success. I was overstimulated by all the medications perscribed and needed to take time off from the fertility treatments - we decided to go the naturopathic route for now to give my ovaries a break - I did get very ill from the over stimulation. Hoping this is the better choice for us & my body - I am keeping up with a diet that should help improve my stage 4 condition, timing our gettogethers and we are both praying to God for our gift to reach us healthy and happy - If anyone has a stage 4 success story please post your story - Inspiration is great to hear from one that has experienced the same. Best wishes to all -God bless

lynne, Canada