Success Story: Praying For The Best

Ok, so my story goes that I got married for the first time at age 21. I prayed for a baby, and thank God I didn't get pregnant as that marriage ended in divorce at age 26. Here I am at age 30 now married to my soulmate, the man of my dreams - however, with a slight problem. He is 38 and I have two beautiful step children, but my husband had a vasectomy at age 34. Luckily, I met him and he had his vasectomy reversed for me at age 37, which is less than 3 years after recieving it so we have the best success rate...right? Well, not exactely because his vas deferens seem to have closed back up a year and a half later. Now we are faced with the expense of having his sperm extracted and IVF, which will cost close to $20K total - for the first try that is. My husband is very cautious when it comes to money, and he already has his two children, so of course, his dire need to have another child isn't as great as mine. He is scared that we will try once, waste the $20K and still have no baby. I am absolutely heartbroken and know that we would make wonderful parents as we do now to his children. My fear is that if something happens to my husband, I lose all contact with my step children, which I have a very close relationship with and love with all of my heart (which makes me want a child of my own even more). As of now, my options are several IUI attemps or IVF, which we just don't have the money for. The most we will be able to come up with is about $15K. Anyone with advice or inspirational stories about IVF or IUI, please email me, I'd love any information that you all can provide... [email protected] To all you out there, keep trying and keep your head up! Pray, Pray, Pray!

stephanie, United States