Success Story: Praying

Hi im Stefanie and im 21 and my husben and i have been trying to have are 1st baby for 2 years now and we have had no luck and its sad bcuz if i miss my monthy vister by a week i will b like yes this time we got it but ill take the test and it no i have gone to the drs and thy tell me im okay and i shud b aboul to have babys but 2years i know we are young and we still have time to try but this hurts so bad just knowing all u want is to have that great gift of having a baby and the more i think about it i dnt know if i will b aboul to.we dnt have lots of money to go thro inf or iui and all that stuff some have told me to have my sister have my baby and i askd her and she said yes but she is only 16 and i will have to wait 5 more year to let her do that for me i dnt want my sis at 16 caring my baby...i need help what shud i do..i get sader every day

Stefanie, United States