Success Story: Please Pray On Your Knees!

Never gotten pregnant. I went to the doctoer after 3.5 years of marraige and finally tried it. 1st Clomid..what a joke, then the IUI. The Gonal-F put me in a really mean foul mood. Not because it changed me, but the idea that I had to go thru all of this for a blessed baby. Unfortunately, I did not conceive. The next time, I was not planning on doing a cycle and I was ready to get rid of my husband. Did the cycle, but did not do IUI, but had the Gonal-F w/ regular sex. Did not bother to get my test results, until the nurse called and told me to follow up. Unbeknownst to me, I was pregnant with a 676 level. I was estactic. Now I have a beautiful 8 month old healthy baby girl and I am so very happy. I am hoping to do a new cycle for another baby this month.

Dawn, United States