Success Story: PCOS/Metformin/Not Trying = Baby!

Hi, Im 18 and was diagnosed with PCOS a little over a year ago after I had a missed m/c & d&c :( The m/c broke my heart, and as a result I went into what I call the 'replacement phase'. I thought the only thing that would make me feel better was to get pg again. We tried for a while and then gave up. I went onto b/c for about 5 months and then went off and back onto metformin (because I hate being on b/c) We were no longer trying and gave up hope of having an "accidental" pregnancy.. Then I ended up getting a positive test during a 50 day cycle. I ovulated late and conceived. We are now 14 weeks along. In my opinion STRESS is a type of infertility. It causes negative effects on our systems. Alleviating the stress of ttc and not even thinking about it really helped for me!

Samantha, United States