Success Story: Pcos/iui/praying For A Miracle

We have been married 8 years and never prevented pregnancy. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20. I have done many clomid cycles with metformin. Only ovulated once. Took a break. We started trying again this year with femara and metformin, no luck. Finally borrowed the money from parents to try injecting meds and IUI. Did 11 days of gonal f and was ready for my IUI on Thanksgiving Day 07. I felt good about it. I had progesterone of 18.2 on day 21. Then on Dec 6 it was time for hcg test. After leaving ofice I started my period. So upset. I have had many negative test results, but this one was the hardest. I cried for days, and still get emotional talking about it. I really can't afford to try again any time soon. It's very depressing, but my hubby keeps me going. So I will pray for all of us strugling with infertility and keep hoping for a + test one day!

april, United States