Success Story: My Miracle Baby

I had three miscarriages and one failed pregnancy before my doctor found out that I have what they call an incompetant cervix. Well, in October of 2003, I found out that I was pregnant again but it was hard to get excited because of my previous losses (which, by the way, I was at least 16 weeks with each miscarriage). But this time me and my husband felt like this was it beacause now that my doctor knew what the problem was, my incompetant cervix could be fixed or should I say stiched up, which would allow me to be able to carry full term.

Well, when I was about 12 weeks, my doctor stiched up my cervix. Everything was going great throughout my pregnancy. Then when I was about 22-24 weeks, while at a routine doctor's visit, my ultrasound came up with some abnormal things on it. Well my doctor said that it could be a number of things but nothing really serious.

Well about 2 weeks later he called me in and told me he would like if I went to Birmingham to have an amnio syntysis done. Well my husband and I were worried but I still tried to be optimistic. After waiting another 14 days for the results, they finally came back. Our daughter had a deletion in chromosome 1 which has something to do with how your brain develops.

Well my doctor called us in to go over the results, and he basically said that she would be born with a birth defect but that we wouldn't be able to tell how severe until she was born. Well we talked about it and we decided that God had still blessed us and that we would not be ungrateful and would love her the same.

Well on May 15, 2004 I gave birth to Anijah Jamese Rogers weighing 2lbs 15oz. She was the most beautiful baby and to look at her you would never know she had a birth defect. After many test it came back that she was completely mentally retarded and probably wouldn't live to be 1 years of age. Again I said the Lord has blessed us with her and we will love her unconditionally.

Well after I got over that I just wanted her to come home she had been in the hospital for 2 months. Every night I prayed "Lord please let my baby to come home even if it's for one night" we just didn't want her to pass in the hospital. Well on Friday July 9 she came home that was the happiest day of my life. She passed on Saturday July 10th. We got our wish. But even though it was a miracle just to give birth that's not the miracle I speak of when I say my miracle baby.

Like I said Anijah passed on July 10th 2004 well sometime in that same month I got pregnant while on birth control with my son who is now 10 months old and is as healthy and as normal and beautiful as he could be. He was born April 6, 2005. HE is truely a miracle baby. So to anyone that reads this story I am a witness that God works miracles.

Ta'kenya Rogers, United States