Success Story: Mid IVF And Scared

My husband and I have been married for 2 years now. We immediately started trying for a baby after our marriage, as he was 38 and I was 35. After trying for a year and not getting preganant, we went to our local Fertility Clinic. They had lost one of their doctors, and were awaiting to hire so there was a waiting list. They started testing with my husband, as the male testing is less invasive. We were devastated to find out that he had a VERY low sperm count, almost nothing. The good news was, that we were still candidates for the IVF with ICSI, as there are only a few sperm needed for this. The bad news, we would have to wait for a doctor to be hired. After 6 months of waiting, they finally decided to put my husband on HCG shots to try and boost his count. This would take another full 90 days before we would know the results. At 90 days they did a semen analysis and the shots worked!! His numbers were still not normal, but there were plenty of sperm to cryopreserve. I just started on my IVF medications on Monday Feb 25th, 2008. (6 days ago). I had my first mid cycle ultrasound and the follicles were small, so they increased my dose of Follistim, and I started the Menopur, as well as the Dexamethasone steriod, and the Femara. I start the Ganilrelix on Tuesday and see the doctor again Wed for another ultrasound. My bathroom looks like a pharmacy, and it is very scary reading about the possible side effects of all of these meds. My husband has been wonderful, and has had to give me my shots (many per night), because I cant do it. We will hope for the best next week when they check again, and hope they say I am ready for the egg retrieval. Then we pray that some fertilize and then that the transfer takes. So many steps, so much worry. Good luck to all of you going through the same mess. It helps to know there are others out there in my shoes. Hopeful in Wisconsin.

Tracey, United States