Success Story: Last Hope......will It Work?

My husband & I were ready to have a baby. So I went off the pill. I thought I would get pregnant right away. When I was in my early twenties, I had gotten pregnant & had an abortion. So I had no worries about getting pregnant. Plus, my husband has a daughter. Well, a year went by and nothing was happening. We figured there must be a problem, so we went to a fertility doctor. They ran all the tests on me & my husband. The only thing that was wrong is that my ovarian reserve (egg quantity/quality) was low. That's because I'm over 35. The doctor suggested IVF. We decided to try a less invasive method & went with clomid. I took it for 3 months & we did everything the doctor told us to do. Well, it didn't work. So we decided that maybe we should try IVF. It's expensive, but maybe it will work. I made an appointment with the fertility doctor. Now I'm feeling very confused. Should we do it or not? Will it work? I try to be positive, but it's hard sometimes. My friend did & it worked the second time she tried & now she has a baby boy. Well, I'll have to make a decision soon because my appointment is in 3 days.

Lorell, United States