Success Story: Just Diagnosed With PCOS

Hi there, I have been trying to have a baby for years and nothing has happened. A healthy 24years old with healthy 28 years old husband. I got examined a few days ago and I was diagnosed with PCOS, I have most of the symptoms like overweight, absent periods, when periods do come, they are heavy and painful, I have to miss work, thinning of hair and darker areas of skin under arms, my doctor has put me on INOFOLIC (a dietary supplement containing myo-inositol and folic acid), PRIMOLUT N (to induce periods) and Clomid 50mg. I have 3 days left on the PRIMOLUT N and when my periods come,I was told to start taking the CLOMID and then go see my Dr on the 11th day of cycle to see if I am ovulating.I have changed my life style,more exercise, even diet (sugar free) and I love chocolate, and I am taking DUROMINE 30mg to assist with weight loss.Now my question is, what do I have to expect with this type of treatment? What happens if I am not ovulating? How much does this type of treatment typically cost? How many cycles of CLOMID are normal to take, before the doctor can decided on another form of treatment? If I do have babies, will the pcos disappear? Are there any other doctors you could refer or better treatment options that are faster.I am with Dr Trouw now of Pretoria east hospital. Please help me, it really hurts when I can not be happy for friends and family when they have babies,expecting or just pregnant strangers

Mrs Oye, South Africa