Success Story: IVF Worked For Me

After 3 long years of trying (with birthday after birthday feeling like one year closer to 'dooms day' without children!) and facing dissapointment month after month (while all of your friends and co-workers, and for that matter, as it feels everyone else around you in the world is getting pregnant), we decided to consult a fertility expert at the University of Pennsylvania. This ended up being the best decision of our lives!!

We had one insemination without medication, 3 IUI's with Chlomid, 2 IUI's with gonal-f, many tests and even a laproscopy (minor surgery) to ensure everything was ok all without success! We fell into that small category of couples where everything looks perfect, but can't get pregnant or "unexplained infertility". (It seems as if it would have been easier to have a reason - thus allowing a treatment).

With insurances covering non of the procedures, to continue with IUI's seemed to be a waste of money. Therefore, our doctor recommended we go for the 'gusto' so to speak and try IVF. It is a big financial investment (approx $15,000.00 for everything) , but the doc was optomistic that it would work! So we went for it!

Needless to say, it ended up being the best decision of our lives as I am now 15 weeks pregnant with twins and loving every minute of it!

Good luck to you all.

Shawn Barndt, United States